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In the News – June 2021: Redefining What It Means To Be An SRE

Stay up to date on everything happening in the DEM and observability space. In the News – redefining what it means to be an SRE

As the world moves towards a hybrid workspace, the focus of SREs and ITOps teams continues to be on measuring and monitoring end-user experience. We have put together the monthly summary of insightful articles, thought leadership, and analysis of recent outages to help you understand the changes in the DEM and observability space.

In the June edition of “In the News,” we analyze the Fastly outage that had a global impact, the importance of monitoring SaaS to ensure employee experience, and analysis from the freshly released SRE Report 2021. The highlight of June 2021 was Catchpoint's second SRE community event – SRE From Anywhere and the launch of the the much-awaited SRE Report 2021. The SRE From Anywhere virtual event featured panel discussions, practitioner sessions, and lightning talks designed to foster an open forum for inclusion and learning. The Report discusses SRE survey results, challenges of multi-cloud, underutilization of AIOps, and the need for new operational capabilities.

Let's look at everything that happened in June!


Is Your Business Prepared For The Next Major SaaS Outage?

In this article, Mehdi Daoudi, CEO and Co-Founder of Catchpoint, talks about how systems failures are inevitable and how you can prepare for the next major SaaS outage. According to Mehdi, things fail. Despite careful planning, despite our best efforts to do things the right way, the systems we rely on can and do break. And if we forget that, reality is always ready to give us a helpful reminder. Read More.

Solutions Review

Solutions Review’s Vendors To Know In Network Monitoring, 2021

Solutions Review’s annual Vendors to Know in Network Monitoring provides the details on some of the most critical solution providers in the space. Read More.

SREs Say AIOps Doesn’t Live Up To The Hype

What can you expect when investing in artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps)? Real-time visibility across huge volumes of information. Lightning-fast event correlation and anomaly detection. Automated remediation and self-healing, without Ops personnel having to lift a finger. Read More.


Survey Of Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) Points To Scalability Ceiling

Site reliability engineers (SREs) are warning of a looming scalability ceiling and saying the adoption of AIOps isn’t happening at a high rate, according to a recent survey. The survey of nearly 300 SREs is part of the “2021 SRE Report,” which has played a role in “defining the nature of what it means to be a SRE” since it launched four years ago, according to its authors. The report is by Catchpoint, a maker of a digital experience management (DEM) platform, along with VMware Tanzu and the DevOps Institute. Read More.


9 Digital Experience Monitoring Vendors To Watch

Demand for monitoring and managing digital experiences is growing. Knowing the vendors and products available to businesses will help leaders make the right choice. Read More.

DevOps Institute

The Year Of SRE: Key Findings And Takeaways From The 2021 SRE Report

I was truly fortunate to be involved in many exciting research projects working with excellent collaborators and partners over the last year which helped me sustain the balance of happiness and progress both professionally and personally. One such project was to design, develop, analyze, and co-author the 2021 SRE report in partnership with Catchpoint and VMware. Read More.

Solutions Review

Measuring Employee Experience In A Post-COVID World

In this article, Mehdi Daoudi, CEO and Co-Founder of Catchpoint, discussed the importance of measuring employee experience. It’s hard enough to keep a business running during a pandemic. But when most of your workforce suddenly shifts to work-from-home, understanding employee experience becomes more important, not less. Not to mention that, for many businesses, large portions of the workforce will continue working remotely long after the COVID-19 crisis subsides. Read More.

CIO Dive

Catchpoint SRE Study Reveals A Global Drop In Toil, Warns Of Looming Scalability Ceiling, And Highlights The Need For New Operational Capabilities

The SRE Report is one of the most data-backed studies of its kind and has played a critical role in defining the nature of what it means to be a SRE since it launched four years ago. This year’s report underscores the challenges of multi-cloud, calls out the underutilization of AIOps, and shows a systemic shift in core baselining data. Read More.

IT Ops Times

Report: Cloud Application Monitoring Remains The Biggest Challenge For SREs

Just over half of SREs (53%) said that the number one cloud application monitoring challenge is unified visibility across the stack. Organizations are looking toward AI and machine learning to solve these problems, but adoption of AIOps is slow. This is according to the 2021 SRE Report that was conducted by the digital experience monitoring platform (DEM) provider Catchpoint, which analyzed the responses of almost 300 SREs in various industries. Read More.


What Is Fastly And Why a Slew Of Websites Went Offline

The hour-long Fastly Inc. outage was a reminder of how exposed the world’s biggest websites are to the impact of disruptions ranging from simple human error to coordinated cyberattack. The failure at Fastly, which helps websites load their pages faster, sent vast swaths of the web offline on Tuesday. Read More.


Performance Monitoring, Observability For The Home Office

How do users at home or in an office know when they’re getting the best performances out of a device, application or cloud service? How can enterprises document when the systems they’ve set up for their employees–remote or on-premises–are operating efficiently and securely? Read More.

We are at the end of his month’s news roundup. The list is a mix of amazing articles that offer deeper insights into everything DEM-related so dive in! Did you miss the SRE From Anywhere event? You can still catch up with everything you need to know about SREs, watch the event online here. Or learn more about the trends in the SRE world, download the SRE Report 2021 today!

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