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Catchpoint: Improving Human Experiences Around the World

Catchpoint's wide geographic footprint allows companies to monitor both customer and employee digital experience, supporting location diversity.

There is no doubt that we are seeing a rise in nationalism. This is not a political statement. As a father of two young humans, I am concerned that they are growing up at a time when trade wars, nationalism and anti-globalism are deeply dividing our society, endangering global peace and democratic values.

In this climate, we should take a moment to celebrate all peaceful efforts of breaking down national barriers, reminding us that having a global perspective is the ONLY way forward for our society, our planet, and our children.

Catchpoint’s Global Monitoring Network is an example of such an effort that started many years ago. Our founders knew that a global digital economy was here to stay and realized that providing the best user experiences for every connected human required global reach, breadth, innovatory design, scalable architecture, and above all, a HUMAN-centric approach to monitoring. After more than 10 years, they can now be proud of a global network that is unrivaled in the industry.

As Nithyanand Mehta, our VP of Technical Services and General Manager of Catchpoint India has written, “The success of a user-centric monitoring strategy that includes testing, measuring, validating, modeling, and monitoring depends on how the measurements are taken and from where!”

Global reach of Catchpoint monitoring

We have more monitoring locations than anyone else for both advanced synthetic monitoring and real user monitoring, offering our users a unique advantage. Our continually growing number of stateless nodes (now over 825 in total) are spread across 200+ cities in 75 countries and on over 223 ISPs (including Verizon, Comcast, Level3, China Telecom, and China Mobile), making the Catchpoint node network the largest, most diverse monitoring infrastructure in its category.

Our expansive geographic footprint means we can proactively verify performance from where the end user is located, which is particularly beneficial for companies that have a widespread international reach. Our wide geographic footprint allows companies to monitor both customer and employee digital experience, supporting location diversity and application distribution for both groups alike. Network-related issues can be detected proactively, reducing mean-time-to-repair (MRRT) and mean-time-to-detect (MTTD).

140 Nodes in China

Catchpoint has 140 nodes in mainland China alone, making up 16% of its worldwide footprint. A healthy presence in China is essential as enterprises increasingly favor the Chinese market. Understanding performance and Internet connectivity within China has long been a visibility blindspot, in particular in cloud environments.

Unpredictable Internet access and opaque government control, including censorship and filtering, contribute to widespread inconsistencies of performance and unique regional issues such as blocked page components. Other challenges like jitter, high latency, and packet loss are far more common in China than in the US or Europe, as is highly unreliable DNS.

However, as enterprise increasingly migrates to multi-cloud ecosystems, a dependent, reliable Internet and cloud infrastructure service is ever more essential. This is why it is important to monitor digital experience from vantage points within China, allowing you to understand user experience from within the region itself.

Variety of Nodes and Testing

It is not just the geographic breadth of nodes that we have that distinguishes Catchpoint from our competitors, it is also the variety. We are in backbone and broadband locations, wireless, cloud, and last mile spots worldwide. This unique level of visibility allows Catchpoint to isolate degradations across broadband, transit, last mile, and wireless ISP networks that might negatively affect end users. It also allows the opportunity for developers to make adjustments to network peering to optimize delivery speeds.

Catchpoint’s public cloud locations provide the largest regional coverage for any cloud provider with nodes on AliCloud, AWS, Google, Oracle, Tencent, and others. Our 133 public cloud locations include spots across the United States and Europe, as well as Dubai, Johannesburg, Mumbai, and Sydney.

Furthermore, our enterprise nodes can sit within your enterprise infrastructure behind the firewall, allowing you to validate first mile data center performance and monitor the performance and availability of your intranet and SaaS applications used by employees in remote locations, branch offices, or call centers. Complementing this, we can monitor all the way to the endpoint, reaching into the employee device, gathering and analyzing from the employee’s workstation and browser, removing what is often the final visibility gap.

An Ongoing Global Expansion

Catchpoint’s expansion is ongoing. We added 75 nodes in 2019 and are already planning more for 2020. We are committed to monitoring from as many different geographic, network and infrastructure vantage points as possible. As digital consumers and employees become increasingly diverse and mobile, it is essential that monitoring solutions are able to support these demographic and technological changes, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve and focus on delivering consistently high-performance digital services worldwide.


To learn more about Catchpoint’s Digital Experience Monitoring Platform, watch a demo.

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