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Digital Immunity and Internet Resilience: On Point in Orlando ‍

The world is getting back to normal… I attended my first conference after three years of almost no travel and Gartner did not disappoint. Find out their Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2023.

The world is getting back to normal… I attended my first conference after three years of almost no travel and Gartner did not disappoint. The Gartner IT Symposium//Xpo™* drew thousands of attendees to Orlando, Florida from around the globe and I think everyone was as excited (and - a bit - nervous) as I was to be back together again. As Gartner does annually, they identified Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2023* and in my opinion, they profoundly resonate with our ability to make networks, websites and applications more resilient for your customers and workforce (check out my prior blog Your Business Requires a Resilient Internet).

“To enhance their organization’s financial position during times of economic turbulence, CIOs and IT executives must look beyond cost savings to new forms of operational excellence while continuing to accelerate digital transformation“ states Frances Karamouzis, VP Analyst at Gartner. “The Gartner strategic technology trends for 2023 are built around three themes — optimize, scale and pioneer — where technologies can help organizations optimize resilience, operations or trust, scale vertical solutions and product delivery, and pioneer with new forms of engagement, accelerated responses or opportunity.”** 

As part of Optimize, Gartner speaks about the Digital Immune System. As per Gartner, "digital immunity combines data-driven insight into operations, automated and extreme testing, automated incident resolution, software engineering within IT operations and security in the application supply chain to increase the resilience and stability of systems." By doing so, Gartner predicts that by 2025, organizations that invest in building digital immunity will reduce system downtime by up to 80% - and that translates directly into higher revenue.

Here at Catchpoint, we focus on ensuring that your customers and your workforce have access to the digital experiences that will drive success for your business. In the past when your workforce was in your offices, and you managed your own LAN and systems, this was significantly easier to ensure for all your employees. Today, the Internet is your new network, and the visibility you once had into ensuring experiences is now more challenging than ever. This is why Catchpoint developed IPM (Internet Performance Monitoring): to ensure organizations have the operational visibility required to catch any issues that may affect your customers or workforce and fix them before they impact the business.  

When outages occur, revenue, reputation, and employee satisfaction are all negatively impacted. The Internet demands a heightened level of attention. Why? Because it is not a magically resilient, infallible network. Quite the contrary. It is a highly complex system that requires multiple networks, protocols, agents and sub-systems to work together, often in milliseconds, to work. As such, Internet Resilience is quickly becoming an enterprise priority. 

Industry confusion around observability

In the press relese titled Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2023*, Gartner also speaks about Applied Observability. Unfortunately, I believe this has become a confusing topic for most enterprises.  

If you do a quick Google search on Observability vendors, it brings back over one million results. When you start to drill into these results you find an array of companies all with similar messaging, similar stories, similar looking solutions and frankly, even most of the industry papers are confusing. They all speak to delivering great experiences, helping with Digital Transformation and giving you the data required to make decisions. You will come across the industry buzzwords such as Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM), Observability, AIOps, APM, NPM, and more. Many organizations are talking about tool sprawl and suggesting that perhaps you can do everything required with a single vendor as it’s “good enough”.  

Why you need an IPM solution

Are any of you really OK relying on something “good enough” for your organization’s revenue and reputation? Here at Catchpoint, we believe that enterprises should combine the best solutions based on their business requirements. This means if you rely on the Internet as your network,  you need an IPM solution.  If you require deep visibility into your enterprise applications, you need APM. If you are looking to automate the alert remediation from these solutions, you also need AIOps and then all of these need a Digital Operations solution, such as PagerDuty or xMatters to help manage and coordinate the incident response and tie it back into their ServiceNow or other ITSM solution.   Combining these solutions does not represent tool sprawl. On the contrary, it represents a smart investment in the operational visibility of your organization.    

"Catchpoint gives Equinix a more complete picture of Internet visibility into what's going on in the network, and that helps the company solve problems more quickly and communicate problems with clarity for customers. With Catchpoint, Equinix is able to identify and diagnose issues in a matter of minutes and begin to correct them before they become larger problems for end users." Kelsey Waters, Senior Director of Cloud Operations, Equinix

We are seeing more and more of our customers combining Catchpoint and Dynatrace or others since these solutions are like two sides of a coin: IPM and APM to give you the visibility necessary to ensure business success.  

Ensure Internet Resilience across the Internet stack

Catchpoint offers a proactive approach to ensuring Internet resilience through proactive observability across the Internet stack. We provide five enterprise observability solutions: Customer Experience, Workforce Experience, Network Experience, Website Experience and Application Experience. Together, they provide you the resilience assurance necessary across your enterprise to deliver exceptional experiences to your customers and employees. All these solutions sit on the same cloud-native platform, providing you with the tools and telemetry necessary to anticipate, pinpoint and measure issues from wherever your users are across the globe.  

You don’t need to take our word for it. Catchpoint is the solution of choice for 9 of the top 10 Forbes Digital Companies, 9 of the top 10 CDN Providers, 6 of the top 6 Cloud Providers, and 4 of the world’s top 4 Retailers.

Are you going to Gartner IT Symposium/ Xpo™ Barcelona (November 7-10)? We are.

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GARTNER and IT SYMPOSIUM/XPO are registered trademarks and service marks of Gartner,Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and are used herein with permission. All rights reserved.
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