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AT Internet – Elevating Product Quality with Catchpoint

Catchpoint synthetic monitoring has helped AT Internet enhance their product quality and end-user experience.

AT Internet, a digital analytics pioneer, helps companies measure and optimize the digital performance of their customers across all marketing channels. From data collection to in-depth analysis and the sharing of insights, AT Internet’s Analytics Suite Delta provides high-quality, GDPR-compliant data that optimizes decision-making company-wide. Perfectly adapted to websites and mobile apps across a range of sectors including media and finance/banking, the suite provides expert, scalable analytics that is easy for everyone to use, whether they are business users, analysts, or data scientists.

Catchpoint synthetic monitoring has helped AT Internet enhance their product quality and end-user experience. When AT Internet first signed up with Catchpoint, they were looking for a solution to improve performance and offer their customer a better global coverage and end-user experience.

Not many monitoring solutions have had such a positive impact on our business. This is why we’ve been working with Catchpoint’s digital experience monitoring solution for five years and counting.”

Thomas Fisher, Business Unit Manager, AT Internet

Network Coverage and Performance Challenges

AT Internet provides real-time analysis with its SaaS application. Maintaining the performance, availability, and reachability of its services proved to be a challenge. With limited control over its external network, the existing monitoring tools were not providing visibility into network conditions such as DNS resolution and peering.

There were a lot of blind spots in the monitoring strategy. Whenever a performance issue was flagged, the customers of AT Internet had to share data generated from their own monitoring tools. Root cause analysis was difficult as the customer had to run traceroutes and DNS resolution tests and then share this with the AT Internet team. The resolution process got even more complicated when performance issues were reported from other parts of the world. For example, issues from China were nearly impossible to troubleshoot because of the number of providers and the size of the country.

“We have customers around the world using a variety of Internet service providers. We needed a view of performance and availability from the customer side in, but it was very challenging to achieve this,” explains Thomas Fisher. In a bid to gain more control and visibility over the performance of its services, AT Internet turned to Catchpoint.

Raising Service Quality using Proactive Monitoring

One of the main concerns that AT Internet had was monitoring the service quality – measuring end-user experience and ensuring the service is available and functioning with optimal performance. With Catchpoint, they were able to perform tests from multiple locations and analyze the data in detail. Proactively monitoring how well the application performed over different ISPs provided granular visibility into the network.

AT Internet deals with peering problems and ISP outages on a regular basis, keeping the services running and diagnosing problems required a global presence which Catchpoint offers with its wide network of nodes. Identifying external network issues became easier and they are now able to compare ISP performance across multiple locations which helps them determine the end-user experience and improve performance where needed.

Evaluating the performance of third-party services is a necessity in a distributed application architecture. AT Internet takes advantage of Catchpoint’s monitoring capabilities to analyze the performance of third-party services and integrations. From comparing CDN and DNS providers to measuring performance impact when implementing any new third-party solution, AT Internet is now capable of implementing new services and optimizing the application without compromising end-user experience.


AT Internet’s digital analytics solution is used on more than 20,000 sites and applications around the world, across all industries, by companies including French media group Le Monde, BASF, BNP Paribas Personal Finance, Rakuten, and Schneider Electric. AT Internet chose Catchpoint’s Digital Experience Monitoring solution for a number of reasons, including the fact that it is user friendly and has the largest global presence, including one of the largest monitoring networks in China.

A variety of teams within AT Internet take advantage of Catchpoint monitoring, including those responsible for infrastructure, quality, and the front-end experience. While the infrastructure team receives alerts via Catchpoint, the quality team uses metrics to monitor performance, availability, and load time. The front-end team uses Catchpoint to determine whether a change will impact performance or availability before it is pushed from test to production.

Read the detailed case study here.

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