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Anywhere with You! Announcing “SRE From Anywhere”

This year, we are re-introducing our second annual SRE event with a slightly different name – SRE From Anywhere.

We can argue the pros and cons of working from home, but I believe we can all agree that we miss the human interaction gained from visiting or being at the workplace. Whether it is brainstorming in a conference room with colleagues to expand on a good idea or just having a break and socializing at someone’s desk, interactions like these have been minimal. Personally, I miss being on a stage presenting. It’s just not the same trying to connect with an audience over a video call or pre-recorded speech. Alas, it is the only way to attend events, at least for now.

Over the course of last year, most of us were forced to adapt and get comfortable with the new normal – working from home and attending virtual meetings/conferences. As the Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) community shifted gears, we introduced our very first Catchpoint sponsored SRE Community event titled SRE From Home. The half-day experience provided an opportunity for the SRE and those supporting SRE-type roles to share their experiences, engage with peers in their community, and foster best practices within their respective organizations.

SRE From Anywhere 2021

This year, we are re-introducing our second annual SRE event with a slightly different name – SRE From Anywhere. The name change represents two things:

  1. The organizations that SRE’s support have had to quickly adapt to changes in workforce and customer needs. This required software, infrastructure, and services to evolve to support highly distributed user environments. So, your customer and your employee are accessing services from just about anywhere in the world.
  2. While being optimistic that later this year, some corporate offices will return to some level of pre-pandemic normalcy, the role of SRE can and will be performed from just about anywhere.Whether you return to an office, share your time between home and corporate, or start traveling again for work, the reality is that your critical role can, and will, be done from anywhere.

SRE From Anywhere will be held on Thursday, 20-May 2021. We will continue to focus on the role of the SRE and the impact it has on end-user experience. The SRE community is at the center of the event so we want the event agenda to be planned by the SRE community. Are you interested?

  • Do you have an important topic you want to discuss?
  • Interested in sharing some successful best practices?
  • Want to dive deep into a new tool or integration that has helped you and the team?

Now is your chance to share this with your colleagues!

The agenda will have pre-recorded practitioner sessions, lightning talks, and live panel discussions. Submit a speaking theme or proposal here. The call for presentations closes on Monday, 12-April 2021.

Someday soon, we may have a chance to meet in person. I can walk up on a stage, or maybe personally welcome you to the third annual community event. Until then, take this opportunity to submit a talk track and register to attend our SRE From Anywhere event.

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