Catchpoint SafeSwitch Program

Our focus is to help you achieve your monitoring goals and mitigate the potential risks involved with migration, with minimal effort from your organization.

Built to scale

Dedicated team to migrate at no charge


No disruptions, with 90 days to migrate


24/7 support for onboarding and training


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How it works


Let's scope it out

Key aspects of your monitoring strategy and goals for success are identified. High-level information on your application, user experience expectations, alert needs, and required reports are collected to create an estimate of the scope of the project.


We work for you

Detailed information on your current monitoring configuration will be required. A custom template or a detailed questionnaire, depending on your legacy vendor, will be provided. Migration includes creation of synthetic tests, node groups, reports, Real User Monitoring, and custom configurations.


Expert training

In most instances your legacy system and the Catchpoint solution will run concurrently for at least 30 days. This time allows your organization to receive training and gain confidence in navigating the solution.

"SafeSwitch is a highly recommended service to integrate with any new contract. The professional services team can answer your questions regarding the tool and help you get the right start. They have access to a mass loading tool, gaining you precious time. If time is of the essence, SafeSwitch is a must-have."