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See how easy it is to switch to Catchpoint from Cisco ThousandEyes

Our SafeSwitch program will connect you with the most experienced Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM) Services Team in the industry to help you mitigate risk with minimal effort as you migrate to Catchpoint. We will work with you to ensure a seamless, worry-free experience. How does it work?

What are the benefits of switching to Catchpoint from Cisco ThousandEyes?
What does the step-by-step migration from ThousandEyes entail?
Will I receive support during the transition?
What about my existing integrations?

SafeSwitch is a highly recommended service to integrate with any new contract. The professional services team can answer your questions regarding the tool and help you get the right start. They have access to a mass loading tool, gaining you precious time. If time is of the essence, SafeSwitch is a must-have.

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Experience the Catchpoint difference

2700+ global "eyes"

More global and more detailed regional visibility, deeper into the internet with the largest global observability network in the industry.

Hosted on independent, distributed infrastructure

We don’t go down when AWS does, and our data is independent of the environment being monitored.

Unrivaled, real-time BGP coverage

Stop BGP hijacks and route leaks in their tracks with easily the most extensive and only real-time, native BGP monitoring solution and patented BGP hijack detection

100% focus on IPM

Our efforts and innovation are 100% focused on monitoring the Internet Stack and improving the performance and resilience for users and applications.


Our ‘built from the roots’ solution boasts a consistent vision developed by former practitioners for a stable and progressive product roadmap, committed to your long-term monitoring needs.

Continually innovating on IPM

Powered by 16 years of innovation. We have a track record of continuous improvement of our cutting-edge IPM platform and bringing new tools to market like Internet Stack Map, Internet Sonar, Tracing, and many AI-powered capabilities.

Unsurpassed granular analysis

More test types, testing at shorter intervals provides more data for faster diagnosis. Advanced analytics and AI-assisted correlation helps you detect the root cause of problems faster and prevent major incidents.

Long-term data retention

Utilize real-time and historical analytics (retained for up to 7 years) to enable deep pattern analysis. Catchpoint’s high-resolution data is consistent and high quality, thanks to single-homed nodes.

White glove customer service

Tierless 24/7 support for our customers – who are at the heart of everything we do.Our expert services team can lend a hand, provide best practices, and help you optimize your practice.

Catchpoint is your best alternative to ThousandEyes

Don’t just take our word for it

Industry leaders trust Catchpoint to ensure Internet Resilience

"Catchpoint gives Equinix a more complete picture of internet visibility into what's going on in the network, and that helps the company solve problems more quickly and communicate problems with clarity for customers. With Catchpoint, Equinix is able to identify and diagnose issues in a matter of minutes and begin to correct them before they become larger problems for end users."

Kelsey Waters
Senior Director of Cloud Operations

“We get Catchpoint alerts within seconds when a site is down. And we can, within three minutes, identify exactly where the issue is coming from and inform our customers and work with them.”

Martin Norato Auer
Vice President of Observability, SAP Customer Experience