Why use Catchpoint Salesforce Monitoring?

Baseline and benchmark to identify shifts

It is easy to add new apps and plug-ins to Salesforce. But what impact do these apps have on performance? Baseline and benchmark Salesforce performance to detect if a new plugin slows things down.

Evaluate plugins

Understand how the application performs after new plugins are added.   

Compare historical performance

Monitor trends in performance over time. Does Salesforce slow down during critical time periods such as quarter-end?   

Identify congestion

More apps moving to the cloud means more competition for network resources.

Understand the Salesforce experience

The only monitoring that matters is from the end-user’s perspective, this applies to SaaS applications as well. Monitor Salesforce performance from where your employees are accessing them–call centers, branch offices, airplanes, and shuttle buses.

Get a true picture of performance

Monitor from your offices and other employee locations for an accurate picture of Salesforce performance and availability. 

Insight into performance issues

Take action on Salesforce performance and availability issues before employees log help tickets with proactive alerting. 

Improve accountability and governance of Salesforce SLAs

When Salesforce is slow or unavailable, employee productivity decreases. Salesforce performance monitoring sends notifications when problems arise. Avoid finger-pointing by collecting objective, accurate measurements.

Keep SLA performance in check

Uphold Salesforce to their SLAs with a neutral third party.  

Monitor what matters

Quickly configure a multi-step Salesforce login with pre-packaged monitors.  

Rapid reporting

Get quick reports on whether Salesforce breaches their SLA.

Collaborate with providers and key stakeholders

Transparency is essential for SLAs, don’t implicitly trust that everything is fine. Share facts regarding speed, availability, and reliability to Salesforce.

Public and secure dashboards

 Share information within your organization and with Salesforce.

Faster problem resolution

Share reports and data when incidents occur to isolate the source; the Internet, your network, or Salesforce.

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How Salesforce performance monitoring works

SaaS has changed the way employees access and use software applications–Salesforce is a prime example. It has also changed the way IT monitors business-critical applications.  

Monitoring web services you don’t own is different from monitoring physical or cloud servers you do own. You can't install agents on SaaS servers. Plus, you need metrics on SLA performance. You have to monitor the provider's service to determine whether an issue is yours or theirs. 

Monitor Salesforce from both major PoPs and corporate locations to rule out network or last mile issues that impact employee productivity. With our maintenance-free transaction monitors, you can configure multi-step logins with just a URL, username, and password.

Monitor from our backbone, broadband, cloud, and wireless nodes or deploy an Enterprise Node from wherever your users connect.

"Many parts of Autodesk’s business – from customer support to operations – rely upon SaaS applications like Salesforce.com for important functions. Catchpoint’s SaaS Monitoring and alerting help the Autodesk IT team keep our lines of business up and running."

"The ability to monitor their SLA requirements allows Zscaler to protect both their direct revenue and their brand integrity."

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