Maintenance-free transaction monitors

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Determine whether issues are with your network or Office 365

Numerous components can impact the performance of SaaS applications like Office 365. Ensure Wi-Fi, local ISPs, DNS providers, and bandwidth are not causing Office365 performance problems.

Monitor from inside your network:

Identify performance issues with Wi-Fi and network connectivity when monitoring Office 365 with an Enterprise Node.

Identify congestion:

More apps moving to the cloud means more competition for network resources.

Understand the Office 365 experience

Your employees are distributed, which requires monitoring SaaS application performance from distributed locations. Monitor Office 365 performance from where your employees are accessing them–call centers, branch offices, airplanes, and shuttle buses.

Get an accurate picture of performance

Monitor from your offices and other employee locations for an accurate picture of Office 365 performance and availability. 

Monitor what matters

Quickly configure a multi-step Office 365 login with pre-packaged, maintenance-free transaction monitors. 

Improve accountability and governance of Office 365 SLAs

When Office 365 is slow or unavailable employee productivity decreases. Office 365 monitoring sends notifications when problems arise. Avoid finger-pointing by collecting objective, accurate measurements.

Keep SLA performance in check

Uphold Office 365 to their SLAs by monitoring with a neutral third party. 

Rapid reporting

SLA reports quickly show whether Salesforce SLAs are being met or breached.

Don’t wait for employees to identify issues.

Know when Office 365 performance slows down or is unavailable before helpdesk tickets are opened. Diagnose problems locally before escalating a ticket to Microsoft.

Utilize performance insights

Take action on Office 365 performance and availability issues before employees log help desk tickets with proactive alerting. 

Accelerate troubleshooting with Catchpoint integrations

Receive alerts and notifications in the tools you already use like Pager Duty, OpsGenie, and Splunk reducing MTTR.

How Office 365 monitoring works

Communication and collaboration are critical to the day-to-day operation of your company which is why you rely on Office 365. Given the business-critical nature of the application, you must monitor to ensure the applications are functioning as expected.  

Monitoring web services you don’t own is different from monitoring physical or cloud servers you do own. You can't install agents on SaaS servers. Plus, you need metrics on SLA performance. You must monitor the provider's service to determine whether an issue is yours or theirs. 

Monitor all Office 365 applications from both major PoPs and corporate locations to rule out network or last mile issues that impact employee productivity. With our maintenance-free transaction monitors, you can configure multi-step logins for critical Office 365 applications with just a URL, username, and password.

Monitor from our backbone, broadband, cloud, and wireless nodes or deploy an Enterprise Node from wherever your users connect.

"iPipeline relies on Catchpoint SaaS Monitoring to protect our business from costly, business-critical application downtime. Catchpoint's accurate alerts empower our team with the data we need to make detections and remediation swiftly. We look forward to adding new, out-of-the-box SaaS monitoring solutions from Catchpoint in the future."

"The ability to monitor their SLA requirements allows Zscaler to protect both their direct revenue and their brand integrity."

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