Application observability

Rely on independent, trustworthy application performance data

Managing thousands of workplace
applications should be effortless

Organizations depend on applications to support a wide variety of functions, including workflow, communications, and critical business transactions.

Leverage Catchpoint to gain the comprehensive insight you need to detect and troubleshoot application performance problems before they impact your business.

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Observability for all your enterprise applications

When employees can’t connect to applications that fuel your business, it hurts your bottom line. When the cloud application you deliver is experiencing interruptions, the experience of your customers suffers. Catchpoint's Application Observability goes beyond traditional Application Performance Monitoring (APM), providing a critical outside-in perspective. This way, you can ensure applications and services are available, functional, and performant - across all channels of the digital customer and employee experience, in real time.

SaaS Observability

Proactively monitor SaaS applications from anywhere your employees access them.

Voice and Video Observability

Quickly determine voice and video quality on VoIP and other communication platforms.

API Observability

Continuously optimize API performance and uptime with API health monitoring.

Cloud Application Observability

Actively monitor your cloud applications from the same distributed locations as your users.

Support every link across your
digital experience chain

Observe User Experience

Understand your digital services the way your users do - across browsers, providers, and devices.

Observe Networks

Gain complete visibility into the performance and reachability of your interconnected network mesh.

Catchpoint is very useful for pinpointing the root causes of performance issues. From the data breakdown, you can identify where the root cause is, whether it's an issue with the application or the network. And not only is it useful for troubleshooting network issues, but also for cross-team communication for application issues.

Alpesh Shah
Director of Application Development


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