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Takehan Technologies – Expanding Business in Asia Pacific

In this blog, we discuss a recent case study we completed with Takehan Technologies that focused on how Catchpoint has helped them build a DEM strategy.

Takehan Technologies builds, operates, and innovates software for a variety of European and North American businesses – such as those in online gaming and fintech. The Singapore-based software consultancy has decades of experience in the Asia Pacific region. The digital landscape of the region has more or less been challenged by the policies and unique web ecosystem built and supported by China. Delivering a website, app, or any sort of internet bound service in China requires far more planning and investment than in any other world market. Many major businesses have failed by rushing in without careful planning.

In this blog, we discuss a recent case study we completed with Takehan Technologies that focused on how Catchpoint has helped them build a digital experience monitoring strategy that takes into account the performance issues that are specific to the Asia Pacific region.

“Catchpoint enables us to make data-driven recommendations that help us close more deals by winning over both the business and technology sides of a prospective client.”

– Kyle Wiltshire, CEO of Takehan Technologies

Building a China Specific Monitoring Strategy

China has its own version of the internet and doing business in China requires an approach different from the rest of the world. The government policies have created a Chinese cyberspace that favors homegrown players to foreign competition. The Great Firewall of China is a series of techniques and technology designed to filter out and censor content which makes maintaining performance and digital experience a formidable task.

Takehan relies on the hundreds of Catchpoint nodes in China to quickly identify potential bottlenecks and performance issues. These points of presence within China across multiple ISPs provide much-needed visibility to the processes running behind the Great Firewall. There can be a range of issues from DNS to CDN – unwanted DNS redirects to blocked third-party content, all of which can have a huge impact on application availability, reliability, reachability, and performance. The perspective from behind the Wall can make all the difference in the MTTD (mean time to detect) and MTTR (mean time to resolve).

The insights provided by Catchpoint allow Takehan to determine effective and strategic recommendations for clients who are looking to gain ground in China.

Better Data Analysis – Making Sense of Data

There are multiple tools and services that help maintain and run an application. And there is a lot of data gathered by each of these tools that can be overwhelming to the different teams tasked with application performance management. Effective data analysis is possible only when the right tools are used to track the relevant metrics. But it doesn’t stop with the metric tracked and it is not enough to just gather data for each of the metrics. It should be possible to dissect the data based on different scenarios and visualize the data to help identify trends and anomalies.

To paint a full performance picture for clients, Takehan makes use of multiple sophisticated tools, including Catchpoint and several other vendors, and even human testers. Catchpoint provides the tools to drill down and zero in on problems.

“It’s important that we use multiple means and data feeds to get an accurate view of performance”

– Kyle Wiltshire

Improve Monitoring to Improve Business

Takehan Technologies invests in the tools that help it measure optimal web and application performance. Takehan turned to Catchpoint with an aim to set itself apart and win more business, especially in China. With Catchpoint synthetic monitoring, their analysts are able to run relevant tests and generate comprehensive reports to engage prospective clients. The ability to track performance inside the Chinese internet without losing visibility into crucial performance indicators was an added differentiator.

According to Takehan’s CEO, Catchpoint enables Takehan to succeed with its data-driven philosophy. As Wiltshire explains, its industry and the business culture is very opaque. “We’re more trusted because we provide tons of data and can provide specific answers thanks to Catchpoint. In fact, now that we’ve proven ourselves with many large companies, we’re seeing our business expand into adjacent markets in Taiwan and Japan,” concludes Wiltshire. Takehan was able to get real results, winning deals using performance data to build strategies for prospects and clients that were more effective. Improving the tools used to proactively monitor their resources and applications provided results, giving them the edge needed to expand the business.

Read the entire case study here.

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