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How SPS Commerce Kept Retail Moving During the Holidays

Learn how SPS Commerce use Catchpoint to propel their business.

We know by now that online retailers for the most part weathered the storm OK during the holiday shopping season late last year, with some notable exceptions. But there’s more to the online retail shopping experience than the vendors’ websites. The products that the customer buys have to be in stock and get to the customer in a timely fashion.

That’s where companies like SPS Commerce come in. The retail business, both online and in-store couldn’t function well without it.

SPS provides a global fulfillment network, serving more than 60,000 customers—retailers and suppliers—in 60 countries. It’s essentially a cloud-based trading network that allows retailers to source and ultimately fulfill the products they sell. SPS also provides an analytics platform that allows customers to optimize their inventory and trading partner performance.

Amazing customer experiences that you’ve come to expect from your favorite online retailers don’t start with their online storefront. They go back to when the retailer connects with their suppliers through SPS Commerce’s online marketplace. SPS Commerce turns to Catchpoint to make sure that online marketplace is up and running and providing fast responses to retailers and suppliers during the busiest time of the year, no matter how many concurrent users it’s supporting.

To learn more about the challenges SPS Commerce faces during peak shopping times and how Catchpoint helped it to meet those challenges so it could deliver speed, availability and reliability to its own customers, register now for our next OpsCast Webinar this Thursday at 2 p.m. EST.

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