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Sourcepoint – Scaling Business and Optimizing Customer Journey

Sourcepoint utilizes Catchpoint to ensure application performance and availability.

Sourcepoint, founded in 2015, works with both sellers and buyers of media and data, including marketers, heads of advertising operations, and privacy professionals. Sourcepoint provides solutions that ensure compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA while helping its clients optimize revenue. With the most full-featured privacy compliance platform on the market, Sourcepoint helps its clients optimize the user journey and ensure the compliance of their partners, all while providing guidance on privacy best practices. Sourcepoint turned to Catchpoint to help scale their business and strengthen pre-sales processes.

“The strong combination of technology, skill, expertise, and flexibility make Catchpoint unique in the market and a terrific partner.”

Brian Kane, Co-Founder and COO, Sourcepoint

Adding more Value to the Sales Cycle

Sourcepoint’s experienced global team guides clients as they navigate an extremely complex privacy landscape and ecosystem. When working with prospects, one of the priorities is ensuring the client’s application performance is not impacted by Sourcepoint’s scripts or tags. Sourcepoint focused on back-end monitoring to ensure uninterrupted delivery of its web-based solutions but lacked a way to track and quantify the end-user experience.

With Catchpoint, pre-sales engagements are more effective as Sourcepoint is able to simulate the end-user experience for the prospect. The performance of the prospect’s site can be evaluated so they can see how the solution compares to other vendor offerings. To deliver this proof in the form of granular performance metrics, Sourcepoint’s Solutions Consultants rely on the reports from Catchpoint.

Sourcepoint also uses Catchpoint monitoring to proactively ensure optimized performance while objectively tracking performance and identifying areas for improvement on behalf of its clients.


Sourcepoint utilizes Catchpoint to ensure application performance and availability. In addition, Catchpoint plays a crucial role in the pre/post-sale processes by helping the client evaluate Sourcepoint services and the impact it has on the client’s application performance. The API tests and third-party integrations are also utilized to optimize Sourcepoint services.

According to Kane, Catchpoint stands out for its unparalleled passion for monitoring. “We can trust Catchpoint’s technology is well positioned for companies doing things at scale, which is vital as we continue to grow our business globally,” he says. Read the detailed case study here!

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