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Improving Our Alerting System with PagerDuty

PagerDuty makes alerting more efficient by integrating with your current tools and giving you the ability to add filters and more for personalization.

When your systems fail, being the first to know is imperative in order to get back up and running before your clients or customers are negatively impacted. But figuring out the best way to do so hasn’t always been easy.

That’s the problem that PagerDuty, a private alert service that can be used across a variety of different platforms, attempts to solve. And now Catchpoint is included in those platforms.

A new PagerDuty integration is in place, which when combined with Catchpoint’s existing innovative alert system, means that DevOps professionals now have more insight into the health of their systems than ever before.

PagerDuty Is Taking Efficiency up a Notch


PagerDuty is not just another tool — they offer a much-needed solution to the flooded market of management tools. PagerDuty describes itself as the “Operations Performance Platform,” an intelligent way to filter out spam alerts so you can avoid performing unnecessary actions, like searching for root cause analysis. You have the ability to filter alerts in a similar fashion to your junk mail, as well as the functionality to set several escalations to route the alerts to the correct people according to the situation.

PagerDuty is also a firm-believer in user-convenience at even the most granular level. By syncing the top SSO providers, it allows you to use your current user credentials to log into its portal in an effort to prevent the “forgot username/password” game from eating away at your time.

Catchpoint already offers a large array of alerting options on every metric measured, and includes trend detecting and dynamic thresholds based on historical data. Additionally, the customized Catchpoint nodes — located on every continent (save for Antarctica) and providing the most extensive worldwide coverage in the industry — are already built to reduce false alerts. Now, integrating with PagerDuty will mean that you can coordinate those Catchpoint alerts along with all of your other monitoring solutions into one easily managed system.

Our partnership with PagerDuty is providing you with the capability to streamline all of your online applications, thus keeping your focus on finding and fixing the real issues that arise, while letting spam alerts fall by the wayside.

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