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Catchpoint and Cedexis Partner to Improve Web Performance

Catchpoint and Cedexis are happy to announce a new partnership to help their customers better manage their cloud resources.

Catchpoint is pleased to announce a new partnership with Cedexis, whose customers can now leverage the Catchpoint service as a data source for Openmix traffic management. This is possible through Cedexis’s open adaptor Fusion program and Catchpoint’s Alert API and data collected from over 260 global nodes.

To commemorate this partnership, the following is a guest post from Pete Mastin, Market Evangelist at Cedexis. The original version of this post can be found at Cedexis’s blog here.

Many of Cedexis’s customers leverage Catchpoint’s tools for monitoring their CDN, Cloud, Hosted, or Bare Metal environments. This new integration allows clients to leverage Catchpoint’s vast global network of monitoring agents to achieve unparalleled insight into the ability of each CDN/Cloud to accurately render your web page and pull through personalized content from your origin servers. Once that data has been captured via the fusion integration with Catchpoint, it can be made actionable in the Openmix traffic management scripts.

For example, a Cedexis customer might want to use a global CDN for traffic in Europe and PACRIM, but may on occasion want to deliver content from Origin in North America when appropriate. When appropriate here means when servers are under-utilized enough and there is good enough connectivity to allow an excellent experience from origin. This is what we have referred to previously as a Hybrid-CDN and many Cedexis customers have used Openmix for this purpose.

In this scenario, Catchpoint’s broad network and deep analysis and alerting capabilities, combined with Cedexis’s powerful RUM measurements and the new Catchpoint data source, provide excellent capability to re-route traffic (and thus serve from origin in the US) based on very precise monitoring conditions.

Together (Cedexis + Catchpoint) we combine the power of a global community of Radar measurements to understand end user latency with Catchpoint’s ability to conclusively prove that each CDN can serve all the content needed to complete your web transaction.

There are many interesting use cases for the new Catchpoint data source. If you have questions about whether your specific use case applies, give us a shout!

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