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Google Test Suite: Monitoring Google Cloud Services Just Got Easier

Test Suites allow you to create a set of pre configured tests for a specific application all at once, rather than manually creating each test individually. See how easy it can be.

In today's dynamic cloud computing environment, effective monitoring of cloud services is essential. Developed in partnership with Google Cloud, Google Test Suite offers easy-to-deploy test templates to monitor your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services.  

Launch Google Cloud Monitoring tests in just a few clicks

Watch the walk-through in the video below to see how easy it is to use Test Suites for your Google Cloud Platform Monitoring.

  • Quickly and easily create multiple tests at once.
  • Tests configured to users’ needs.
  • Reduce onboarding time for new users.  

We've designed Google Test Suite to simplify how you monitor GCP services. Previously, users had to individually create each test for every service they wanted to monitor, understanding what each test entailed and which settings to configure or leave untouched. This process could be overwhelming, especially for new users.  

IT teams need a straightforward way to create tests without having to understand all the drill-down options and parameters of a regular test. Google Test Suite changes this dynamic by allowing the quick and easy creation of multiple tests at once, significantly reducing the complexity and time involved in setting up GCP monitoring.  

How Google Test Suite works  

We've predefined options in Google Test Suite so that you can effortlessly create a new suite with simple configuration choices. You’re only required to fill out the essential information necessary to run the test. This approach eliminates any clutter in the creation process. In our initial implementation with Google, we’ve developed four key test suites: BigQuery, Spanner, Cloud Storage, and Compute Engine. These enable you to quickly and easily create multiple tests, each precisely tailored to your requirements.

What Google Test Suite means for you

Immediate Value and Efficiency  

The primary advantage of Google Test Suite is the immediate value it brings to your operations. You can quickly set up a core set of tests that provide essential data from the get-go. This efficiency is a game-changer, especially if your business needs to move quickly and can't afford lengthy setup times. In a future release, we’ll be introducing the option to separate tests from a suite and transition them into standard tests with a wider range of configuration possibilities. This customization will further accelerate your monitoring of increasingly complex GCP services.  

Adaptability and Growth  

As your business grows and its monitoring needs evolve, Google Test Suite grows with you. The ability to start with a basic suite and then expand to more complex and detailed tests means that our solution scales with your business. This adaptability ensures that you’ll always have the right tools at your disposal, no matter how your monitoring needs change over time.  

Our ongoing partnership with Google  

Our partnership with Google is part of their Google Cloud network observability partner ecosystem. Raj Gulani, Director of Product Management for Network Experiences at Google Cloud, highlighted its value, stating, “We believe that an open and thriving Google Cloud network observability partner ecosystem not only offers you choice but also empowers you to leverage your existing observability solutions, workflows, and skill sets to observe your Google Cloud workloads in a manner that’s tailored for your specific deployments (including hybrid and multi-cloud deployments).”

Mehdi Daoudi, CEO and co-founder of Catchpoint commented, “Our collaboration with Google Cloud is fundamentally about simplifying and enhancing the network performance monitoring experience for businesses leveraging Google Cloud services. Google Test Suite directly addresses this need by rapidly accelerating the setup and simplifying the monitoring of GCP services. In an era where cloud computing is a key driver of business efficiency, the importance of accelerating time to value and delivering sophisticated and accurate monitoring with IPM is more important than ever Expect to see more innovative solutions as our partnership with Google Cloud continues.”

Accelerate your time to value with Google Test Suite  

Google Test Suite acts as an accelerator by significantly reducing the time and complexity involved in setting up and managing GCP monitoring, speeding up time to value, and allowing you to focus on what truly matters – leveraging cloud computing to drive efficiency and innovation.  

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