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Catchpoint Elevate: Go Deeper with Expert-filled Panel Discussions

Catchpoint Elevate will feature panel discussions on challenges with the cloud, and Implementing SRE protocols.

The hallmark of a great tech conference lies in the amount of educational material that it provides its attendees, and the new ideas that they come away with after listening to talks and discussions by acclaimed experts.

This April at Elevate in Las Vegas, attendees will not only hear stand-alone presentations from groundbreaking companies such as Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Zscaler, Dropbox, and many others, but they will also be privy to collaborative panel discussions on topics (as selected by our own customers) that are of the utmost importance to the future of digital business.

Challenges with the Cloud

The first panel, which will take place on the afternoon of Tuesday, April 11, will cover challenges with the cloud. The nature and scope of cloud services in today’s modern IT landscape is so wide-ranging and specialized that implementing them into your digital architecture is a constant challenge.

For many businesses, it’s an undeniable fact that moving many of your services to the cloud saves time and money while speeding up content delivery, and ultimately helping to create happier end users. Yet deploying these services doesn’t mean that your performance problems are behind you. While some might think that outsourcing parts or even all of their digital delivery services to cloud providers means that they no longer have to worry about them, ‘out of sight, out of mind’ doesn’t exactly apply here.

This panel, which will be moderated by former Avnet CIO Steve Phillips, will cover many of the different challenges that companies face when migrating their services to cloud, from the actual implementation to monitoring the performance of those services once they are no longer under your direct control.

Implementing SRE Protocols

The following day of Elevate will be kicked off with a special Spotlight presentation from Martin Check, SRE/LiveSite Engineering Manager at Microsoft. This talk, which will cover (among other things) how Microsoft Azure’s SRE leverages diverse data sets to drive improvements across a heterogeneous set of services, will serve as a precursor to that afternoon’s panel discussion, where Martin will be joined on stage by other site reliability experts to discuss how companies can implement SRE protocols of their own.

The shift to a more SRE-focused culture, which many organizations are now implementing on their own, is a response to the growing complexity that we see in today’s digital ecosystem. By emphasizing the need to develop software systems to solve complex problems, IT organizations can better prepare for the inevitable performance challenges that lie ahead.

Check out the Elevate site to learn more about the Elevate conference, including a full agenda and speaker roster, and to reserve your spot today.

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