Chrome 15 Browser Takes the Lead in November

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According to StatCounter’s final data for the month of November, Chrome 15 (23.6%) fought all the way to the top in the last week and squeaked by IE8 as the world’s most popular browser (23.5%)! Last time we checked in with Chrome 15, it was pulling ahead of Firefox for the number 2 position.

Browser Statistics for Last Week of November 2011
Browser Statistics for Last Week of November 2011

The race is neck-to-neck, with a .1% difference between the two. However, taking all versions into account, Internet Explorer is still the market giant at 40.09% with Chrome falling behind at 26.31% and Firefox at 25.07%.  It will be interesting to see how the market is affected when Microsoft rolls out its automated updates for IE6.   Will IE9 take the lead as most used browser?  Or will the usability, speed, and high performance of Chrome keep pushing it along to make Google the browser king, dethroning Microsoft who’s had the reign for over 10 years?

One interesting fact is that when you drill into the data further and analyze by day, Chrome usage jumps on the weekend while IE8 drops by about the same. Chrome definitely dominates as the “freetime” browser at home while IE seems to be required at work.

Chrome usage on weekends has been surpassing IE8 since October 2011

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Dec 16, 2011
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