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Catchpoint Story: sophisticated applications need sophisticated support

A crucial aspect in maintaining a successful engagement between a SaaS company and its users: technical support and services.

In our previous blog, “Built from the Roots of Synthetic Monitoring,” we discussed the ever-evolving technology eco-space that supports today’s highly sophisticated applications, and how Catchpoint’s solutions have kept up with the evolving monitoring needs. There is, however, another key aspect that is crucial in maintaining a successful engagement between a SaaS company and its users: technical support and services.

Given the nature of our industry, we work with customers of various backgrounds and technologies including some of the largest social media platform providers, ecommerce companies, SaaS providers, etc. Our platform is utilized by these companies for various monitoring scenarios and often require assistance with setting up complex tests and diagnosing problems that are detected.

Support and services teams are very close to the heart of our founders who believe that our customers should get the best and world class support to get maximum ROI. To deliver this service, we ensure that our support staff has the following qualities:

  • Expertise in the products and services we offer
  • An understanding of the APM framework and strategy
  • The capability to anticipate the needs of our customers regardless of their industry
  • Have a strong and in-depth understanding of the core concepts such as DNS, TCP, ISP Peering, HTML, CSS, Browser architecture, etc.
  • In-depth knowledge of common third-party services used by our customer such as managed DNS, CDN, SDWAN, cloud, etc.

Devising a monitoring strategy can be a difficult and a time-consuming task. What to monitor, from which location to monitor, when to alert, how to alert—these are common questions that come up while creating a monitoring approach. What is not so common, though, are the answers to these questions.

To address these challenges and questions, we’ve tailored our processes around our clients. We want to ensure we have our experts available to assist them at every phase—from onboarding to implementing complex integrations.

  • If our customers want to learn and explore the solution, then our onboarding team ensures they are thoroughly trained and the solution has been implemented efficiently.
  • If a client needs assistance, our support organization is available 24/7 by chat, phone, and email.
  • Clients who require advanced assistance or a front-line monitoring team, our professional services team is available. Professional Services aims to deliver:
  • A defined monitoring strategy
  • Ongoing analysis
  • 24/7 monitoring

More often than not, the data and analysis derived from the issues our services and support teams work on garner valuable knowledge that can be applied on other occasions. Below is a list of blog articles that were created based on an actual support ticket:

Catchpoint understands its clients and their requirements. The testing methodologies that we offer range from a simple single URL test to a complex multi-step transaction. Requirements vary, which is why we offer solutions that allow you to get as comprehensive and complex as you want.

Check out our free trial offer to learn more.

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