"Priceline uses Catchpoint to proactively monitor multistep transactions, DNS services, and API calls, and continuously benchmark performance with industry peers to define goals to maintain its leadership position."

"Verizon Digital Media Services utilizes Catchpoint’s monitoring locations to proactively test and measure DNS services, HTTP requests, API calls and FTP infrastructure."

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Why monitor APIs?

APIs are the backbone of digital transformation, and they’ve become more critical with the adoption of microservices. APIs power interactive mobile and desktop apps, automate processes, scale large systems via microservices, and enrich your application data.    

APIs may fail, return invalid data, or throw errors that impact the customer experience, employee productivity, and your business. Poor API speed and failure could affect your business in several ways, including stalled credit card validations, the inability to see flight or hotel prices on a travel site, or critical email, text, and chat message delays—all leading to frustrated endusers and lost revenue.

API reliability depends on multiple components including DNS, network connectivity, third-party API integrations, data integrity, gateways, and business logic validation. If you monitor APIs proactively, you can catch issues before they impact users. Proactive API monitoring also helps reduce MTTR by eliminating blindspots.

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