Workforce Experience

If they can’t connect, they can’t work

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Ensure your workforce has the access they need

Hybrid work is the new reality and the combined Cloud & Internet is the new enterprise network. With 80% of network issues taking place beyond the corporate firewall, how are you supporting your remote workers? Traditional APM and NPM is not enough: gain the insight you need to detect and troubleshoot remote connectivity performance and SaaS issues before they impact your workforce.

Stop Internet Outages in their tracks, we can help

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Support an anywhere, anytime, hybrid workforce

Get end-to-end visibility of business-critical applications across the Internet Stack. From Endpoint Wi-Fi and SASE/VPN connectivity through the Internet maze, to SaaS and cloud environments, Catchpoint's Workforce Experience opens the black box of the modern digital enterprise so you can find and fix problems fast.

Workforce Experience Monitoring

Understand and troubleshoot connectivity and reachability issues no matter where your workforce is. ​​

SaaS application monitoring

Gain regional visibility into the availability and performance of the business-critical SaaS applications that your workforce relies upon.

Cloud Migration

Seamlessly migrate to the cloud vendor that best serves your workforce and continually optimize post-migration.

SASE & VPN Monitoring

Proactively find and fix SASE & VPN issues fast while continually improving & futureproofing operations.


Solution Brief

Workforce Experience

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