2023 SRE Report

Now in its fifth year, The SRE Report has become the trusted source of trends and insights for reliability-as-a-feature practices. This year in partnership with Blameless, the report contains special contributions from Adrian Cockcroft and Steve McGhee and highlights findings from a global community of reliability practitioners, including SREs, managers, architects, and executives. As ever, we found some familiar trends and some thought-provoking anti-patterns.  

Key findings include:

  • Organizations who operate with a “just culture” are 500% more likely to be Elite performing organizations.
  • Elite-performing organizations are 260% more likely to substantially focus on Customer Experience reliability versus Low-performing organizations.
  • Organizations (59%) say that maintaining innovation velocity occasionally or often impacts employee productivity or morale – 14% unsure.
  • Organizations (59%) say tool sprawl is a non-existent or minor problem – challenges other research which simply equates tool sprawl to, ‘how many tools are in the stack’.

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