Remote Employee Support Program

In light of COVID-19, we are offering enterprises a Free Remote Employee Support Program to help IT assure business continuity and deliver reliable services to an increased number of remote workers.

Three free components that will help you:

  • Monitor key digital systems and services used for remote collaboration
  • Ensure the delivery of the best possible Digital Employee Experience

1. Alerting service for collaboration apps

Receive immediate or daily digest alerts for when your services experience performance issues or outages.

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Get the Chrome extension allowing employees to instantly discover what is slowing down their web apps.

Chrome Extension

3. Enterprise monitoring package

Access Enterprise Nodes and Endpoint Monitors complimentary for 90 days.

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1. alerting service

Know when your key digital collaboration and SaaS apps are down or slow.

Leverage Catchpoint's Global Monitoring Network that's continually monitoring all major SaaS apps & services.

Identify performance degradations of key digital services to help you troubleshoot fast.

Arm your team with reliable data and hold your SaaS providers accountable.

2. remote employee endpoint monitoring

Get data directly from your remote employees' web browser

Enable remote employees to share data directly with your IT support teams to help resolve incidents faster.

Leverage the Catchpoint portal for collecting data from the extension and reporting it in a comprehensive analytics and alerting platform to evaluate.

3. Enterprise dem monitoring package

Directly monitor your remote employee experience and application performance.

Monitor user experience, network and application performance directly on your employee's device.

Test and continually monitor the availability of key employee applications from a location of your choice.