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New Test Suite for Google Cloud to Help Ensure Performance and Uptime for Cloud-Based Applications

Catchpoint and Google's Continuous Collaboration on Internet Performance Monitoring Enables Superior Cloud Observability

New York, January 23, 2023Catchpoint, The Internet Resilience Company™, today unveiled the "Test Suite for Google Cloud," a tool designed to ease the end-to-end monitoring of Google Cloud services from different customer-chosen endpoints including customer premises, other public clouds and Internet endpoints. This suite is specifically developed to streamline the configuration and management of cloud service tests, thereby providing immediate benefits in operational performance and user experience.

The Test Suite is part of Catchpoint’s Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM) platform, a new generation of solutions that provides deep visibility into every aspect of the Internet that impacts your business and revenue. It is like Application Performance Management (APM), but not for your app stack – for your Internet Stack.  

The Test Suite for Google Cloud empowers IT teams to rapidly deploy multiple tests for Google Cloud services, utilizing Google Cloud’s and Catchpoint’s best practices for prompt issue detection and troubleshooting. Its design focuses on minimizing complexity and time investment for effective Google Cloud service monitoring, making it particularly user-friendly for newcomers.  

“Our collaboration with Google Cloud is fundamentally about simplifying and enhancing the network performance monitoring experience for businesses leveraging Google Cloud services. The Test Suite for Google Cloud is a direct response to this need, facilitating more efficient implementation and streamlining the monitoring process for Google Cloud services,” said Mehdi Daoudi, CEO and co-founder of Catchpoint. “In an era where cloud computing is crucial for business efficiency, ensuring optimal performance, resilience, and user experience through sophisticated and precise monitoring is paramount. Our ongoing partnership with Google Cloud promises to yield further innovative solutions in this domain.”  

This initiative is a part of Catchpoint’s integration into the Google Cloud network observability partner ecosystem.  

“We believe that a robust Google Cloud network observability partner ecosystem not only provides choice but also enables you to leverage your current observability solutions, workflows, and skills to effectively monitor your Google Cloud workloads, tailored to your specific needs, including hybrid and multi-cloud deployments,” said Raj Gulani, Director of Product Management for Network Experiences at Google Cloud.

The Test Suite includes pre-set test templates for key Google Cloud services such as BigQuery, Spanner, Cloud Storage, and Compute Engine. These templates are easily customizable, allowing users to quickly adapt tests to their specific requirements, which is particularly beneficial for businesses needing swift deployment and monitoring of their cloud services.  

For more information about the Test Suite for Google Cloud and its benefits for businesses, visit Catchpoint.

About Catchpoint  
Catchpoint is the Internet Resilience Company™. Trusted by leading online retailers, Global2000 companies, CDNs, cloud service providers, and various service providers, Catchpoint is dedicated to increasing resilience by catching issues in the Internet stack before they impact businesses. The Catchpoint platform offers a comprehensive suite of monitoring solutions, including synthetics, RUM, performance optimization, and advanced analytics, all supported by high-fidelity data and flexible visualizations. Leveraging thousands of global vantage points across wireless networks, BGP, backbone, last mile, endpoint, enterprise, ISPs, and more, Catchpoint provides unparalleled observability into factors affecting customer experiences, workforce efficiency, network performance, websites, applications, and APIs.  

Emily Fang, Greenough