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Catchpoint Welcomes Jeena James and Tim Kadlec to WebPageTest Team

(New York, USA) – February 11, 2021Catchpoint™, the leader in Digital Experience Monitoring, today announced the appointment of Jeena James as General Manager, WebPageTest and Tim Kadlec as Performance Engineering Fellow.

Jeena James leads the WebPageTest business unit at Catchpoint, driving the developer-focused efforts across product, go-to-market, partnerships and operations. She will be responsible for delivering new innovative offerings and expand the 1Million+ strong WebPageTest user community.

“Over the last few years, we’ve seen how performance measurement, testing, monitoring and thereby improving the user’s digital experience across various locations and form factors, has grown from a nice-to-have function for companies, to become a habit or the norm in the overall development workflow,” says Jeena. “I’m thrilled to join the Catchpoint team and look forward to driving further innovations and symbiotic partnerships in the developer space with WebPageTest, while also fostering a thriving developer community.”

Jeena has over 15 years of experience forging strong business and technical product partnerships across advertising, publishing and developer products and platforms at Google and SaaS startups where she accelerated global business growth by building product-led solutions and partnerships that enhanced developer experiences. She also has a proven track record of building strong global, cross-functional teams.

Tim Kadlec will help drive WebPageTest's capabilities to the next level of innovation. This will include training and development of the developer community, improving user documentation, adding new capabilities and enhancing the overall platform experience of WebPageTest.

“I've been an avid user of WebPageTest for over a decade now. It's been an absolutely indispensable resource and probably the most valuable tool for the web performance community,” says Tim. “Catchpoint and WebPageTest are undeniably two of the most credible performance monitoring solutions in the industry and I’m super excited to be part of it.”

Tim has been working on performance for over 12 years, in-house, at companies like Akamai, and most recently as a performance consultant—helping organizations to improve their performance and arm them with the tools, knowledge and processes they need to ensure their sites stay efficient and effective for the long-term.

“We are excited to have Jeena and Tim and their expertise on our team,” said Mehdi Daoudi, CEO and co-founder at Catchpoint. “We are looking forward to leverage their energy, passion and expertise to take our solutions to the next level.”

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