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Acquisition will dramatically boost’s core capabilities; offering superior performance monitoring to the web performance community

(New York, USA)September 16, 2020 – Catchpoint®, the leader in Digital Experience Monitoring, today announced it has signed an agreement to acquire Webpagetest and, an open-source web performance testing software and service. The transaction will allow Catchpoint to strengthen and expand Webpagetest’s capabilities and’s geographical performance testing footprint, leveraging Catchpoint’s best-in-class infrastructure, adding capacity and improving consistency and quality of analytics.

With the rapid shift to SaaS and web-based applications, used by billions of consumers and enterprise workforce, businesses have struggled to manage application performance and deliver reliable digital experiences to their users. In addition, maintaining a competitive edge in the digital economy is no longer a nice-to-have but a critical business priority. In the digital economy, if a company cannot deliver fast, reliable, and consistent web app experiences to their customers and employees, their business will be negatively impacted either through customer churn or low employee productivity and morale.

Catchpoint and Webpagetest have shared the same mission from the beginning; to help web developers and ops teams deliver the best possible digital and web experience to their users. Merging Catchpoint’s enterprise-class global monitoring network infrastructure with the hugely popular web performance testing capabilities of Webpagetest will create an unparalleled web performance measurement and monitoring platform.

The service supports more than 1 million users per month and allows them to run instant tests from various locations and receive a detailed performance audit of their web pages and web applications.

As the new custodian of Webpagetest, Catchpoint will invest in dramatically improving the experience. Not only will continue to be offered as a free service to the community, but under Catchpoint, the service will be greatly enhanced. The web performance community will continue to utilize for free, with dramatically improved consistency, capacity and quality of test results.

Read Patrick Meenan’s personal note to the community

“Today, IT teams struggle to meet web and application performance expectations and keep pace with the demands and growth from digital transformation,” said Patrick Meenan, EngineeringFellow at Catchpoint and Founder of “By bringing together Catchpoint’s renown command and control architecture and distributed footprint with Webpagetest web performance testing capabilities, IT teams will have the insight needed to monitor, detect, identify and resolve performance and availability issues quickly.”

“This is some of the most exciting industry news I’ve heard in a while, and a great step forward for the web performance community.” said Hooman Beheshti, VP Technology of Fastly. “We are massive fans of both Catchpoint and Webpagetest and use both platforms in our monitoring practice. Combining the two will make our lives a lot easier and will save precious time in isolating and addressing challenges at scale.”

“Patrick is a well-known web performance evangelist and a driving force behind several key web performance metrics that better capture the user experience likeSpeedIndex. He will play a pivotal role with the Webpagetest community on future developments,” said Mehdi Daoudi, CEO of Catchpoint. “We are committed to serving the community with an improved free tool experience and will continue honoring the open-source values of the Webpagetest community.”

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Webpagetest.orgis an online web performance measurement and analysis service, based on an open-source software platform distributed under a BSD license. The software platform is under active development on GitHub and is also packaged up periodically and available for download.

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