Why Catchpoint

Proprietary NoSQL database provides real time data

All data collected by Catchpoint is processed, stored, and analyzed in real time by Catchpoint Orchestra, our proprietary NoSQL in-memory database.

Delivers data instantly to users

Analyze granular, object-level data in addition to aggregated data.

Handles large data sets

Take confidence in knowing that Catchpoint Orchestra already handles some of the industry's largest monitoring data sets from companies like Google and LinkedIn.

Supports longer data retention times

Keep raw, object level data for up to five years and raw test level data for up to three years for historical comparative analysis.

AI-powered visualizations

Turn detailed raw data into actionable insights for efficient triggering and performance optimization. Our built-in analytics leverage advanced statistics to efficiently separate signal from noise.

Visualize with smartboard

Highlight critical information for troubleshooting performance issues affecting users all on a single dashboard. Identify important relationships between performance and user engagement/behavior.

Create "what-if" scenarios with estimator

Test scenarios based on your real user data to project changes such as "what performance improvement would I need to make to increase my revenue by 10%?" Filter scenarios to specific page groups, multivariate tests, geographies, and custom dimensions to enable fine-tuned predictions and performance to engagement correlations.

Identify issues faster

Analyze synthetic and real user performance data with purpose built algorithms to automatically zero in on root causes that are disrupting your user’s experience and business results.

Your data, your way

Script your own monitor, capture custom metrics, and visualize them in a way that works for your business.

Script your own monitor

Script and run your own code to monitor the speed, availability, and reliability of the services that matter the most. If you can script it, you can monitor it with Custom Monitors on a Catchpoint Enterprise Node.

Capture custom metrics

Extract text and numerical strings from response to chart to understand how performance varies across your environment. Identify what server, POP, VIP, or application version served a response with Tracepoints. Track custom response times such as how long it takes to return search results with Indicators.

Bring your own visualization

Create unique charts to visualize Catchpoint’s data in endless ways using any major charting library. Display information exactly the way you want to see it for the most actionable insights.

Collaborate with key stakeholders

Keep everybody in the know. Securely share data, reports, and alerts with all relevant parties during outages and normal operation.

Integrate with communication and collaboration tools

Send notifications and alerts directly to the tools you use to communicate like Slack, Microsoft Teams, or email.

Share data securely

Create secure public URLs to share detailed tests and reports with internal and external partners.

Generate executive performance reports

Generate, schedule, and send executive reports on a variety of KPIs such as uptime, performance, or SLA compliance.

See what you can do

Reduce MTTR

Detect and fix issues fast with data to help you identify if problems exist with the network, infrastructure, application, a third party, or the end user.


Tie data to business goals

Monitor and analyze data in a way that answers business questions. Combine synthetic and real user monitoring data to tell all stakeholders there is a problem, the impact on real users, and the financial impact.

Make data-informed decisions

Before choosing a vendor or pushing code to production, compare the performance to your baseline to confirm you are making the right decision. Perform what-if scenarios, conduct A/B tests, and compare performance across configurations or time periods.

Validate and remediate changes

Change happens—whether planned or unplanned. Baseline performance to recognize trend shifts and deviations indicating potential problems such as DNS hijacking or misconfigured servers.

"Catchpoint, originally purchased as our main alerting platform, has become our trusted go-to strategic partner for continuous web performance monitoring, analysis, and optimization. Not only can we more quickly identify and resolve problems, but Catchpoint’s analytics have helped us uncover many new opportunities for system and business improvement."
Tom Gerhard, Formerly Technical Fellow, Logging and Monitoring

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