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Proactively Resolving Digital Issues 99% of the Time With Catchpoint
Faster problem identification
Reduction of false alerts

Verizon Digital Media Services powers content delivery and acceleration for leading organizations worldwide. Therefore speed and reliability are vital for their business.

Verizon Digital Media Services partnered with Catchpoint to:

  • Continuously monitor their platform from many locations throughout the world.
  • Guarantee daily operations and optimal performance at all times.
  • Instantly identify performance bottlenecks, problems and degradation.
  • Decrease time-to-resolution.
  • Validate SLAs (Service Level Agreements) for their customers.
$120 Billion
Basking Ridge, NJ

With Catchpoint we can proactively monitor everything web—FTP and HTTP requests, APIs, or multi-step transactions...We rely on Catchpoint, which saves us significant amount of time in our support process. Catchpoint technical support is also superb.

Director of Performance Engineering


Delivering any data, anywhere, anytime, Verizon Digital Media Services is the world’s fastest and most reliable content delivery network. The company was founded in 2006 by technology entrepreneurs with years of experience building companies in the infrastructure, web services, and application delivery spaces.

Verizon DMS built their global delivery network to provide the fastest, smartest content delivery on the planet. And, according to the independent experts, Verizon Digital Media Services consistently ranks among the very best-performing CDNs in the industry.

Verizon DMS wanted to optimize and accelerate performance across their content delivery network. Therefore, they turned to Catchpoint's Digital Experience Observability solution to do the job.


Verizon Digital Media Services utilizes Catchpoint’s 2600+ observability locations to proactively test and measure DNS services, HTTP requests, API calls, and FTP infrastructure. Catchpoint web transaction observability capabilities are also used to investigate issues and incidents on-demand.

Verizon Digital Media Services continuously benchmarks performance with industry peers and competitors to ensure performance leadership in the industry, using Catchpoint’s robust analytical capabilities to correlate backend infrastructure performance data with active observability data and rapidly troubleshoot root causes.

Catchpoint alerts, which include all the data Verizon Digital Media Services needs to troubleshoot in one click (performance charts, trace route, client, and service IP, etc.), and by slicing and dicing their data to suit their specific needs, Verizon DMS can quickly understand what is wrong when there is an issue.

"With Catchpoint we can proactively monitor everything web—FTP and HTTP requests, APIs, or multi-step transactions," says Verizon DMS' Director of Performance Engineering. "Their UI is very intuitive and flexible, and their analytics are very impressive. We can slice and dice data anyway we need to, so we can identify the issues much faster.

"Their alerts are very powerful, and they contain all the information that our NOC Team needs for efficient escalation. It is our standard support procedure to try to replicate customer issues and share the results with them so our customers and support team are on the same page when working on performance issues. We rely on Catchpoint for this, which saves us significant amount of time in our support process.

"Catchpoint technical support is also superb."


Since implementing Catchpoint’s Digital Experience Monitoring solution, Verizon Digital Media Services has seen their problem identification time become 4x faster, and has also benefited from a 90 percent reduction of false alerts, which has freed up their operations team to focus on more pressing issues.

Moreover, problems are identified and resolved before customers are impacted 99 percent of the time, which greatly improves their customer experience and satisfaction.