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Hyper-distributed networks, DNS, and CDN require modern network visibility solutions

Third-party services like CDN and DNS are spread across the Internet, connected by networks you don’t own. This makes it difficult for traditional monitoring tools to accurately measure them.

It's time to expand the breadth of your view with a unique observability solution that brings clarity and provides actionable next-steps - all through a single view.

Observations across all of your distributed services - as if they were one

Users’ digital paths to your services and apps move across a tangled web of distributed network systems. Catchpoint's second-to-none network insights solution takes this into account, providing the outside-in observability needed in the modern age.

DNS Observability

Easily set up active observability for the Internet’s most critical services.

CDN Observability

Quickly obtain meaningful observations from distributed vantage points for single (and multi) distributed CDN setups.

Network Path Observability

Analyze full physical and logical network path views to gain deep visibility into all Internet network segments.

WiFi Observability

Gain access and insight into endpoint WiFi network performance to enable proactive troubleshooting.


View and pinpoint all major BGP issues from a single dashboard to improve traffic and reachability.

Support every link across your
digital experience chain

Observe User Experience

Understand your digital services the way your users do - across browsers, providers, and devices.

Observe Applications

Objectively measure the performance of the apps and services your distributed workforce relies on.

There is no doubt that Catchpoint offers a powerful tool. In fact, the platform that they’ve built is, I think, unrivaled, in terms of observability for network performance, but what I really love about Catchpoint is their focus on innovation.

Zachary Smith
Managing Director



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