Manage with data, not guesswork

Gain insight into the networks delivering your services, including local, edge, hybrid, transit, backbone, and cloud networks, by proactively testing from your customers’ point of view.

Reduce false positives and false negatives

Testing from the cloud both misses issues and gives false positives. Instead, we test from the most extensive, reliable broadband, backbone, cloud, last mile, and wireless network—with over 700 single-homed locations.

Avoid finger pointing to reduce MTTR

Test, collect, and analyze telemetry data from DNS, applications, services, and networks, and collaborate in one place to reduce time to resolution.

Get immediate answers with long-term trend analysis

Get immediate answers to complex questions. Analyze with unlimited cardinality and never miss an outlier. With 3 years of raw data, you can truly observe trends.

Watch the video above to get a five minute preview into our Network Monitoring capabilities

Why Catchpoint

Continuous monitoring across all the networks impacting your services, including Cloud, DNS, and CDNs.

Outside-in perspective

Monitor the network path from the end user’s perspective to detect route health problems before they impact experiences.

Micro-outage detection

Get ahead of geo-specific backbone/broadband outages through proactive testing.

WAN/LAN insight  

Spot or rule out router, firewall, and WiFi  issues for quicker MTTR.  

Actionable telemetry from Catchpoint of broadband and backbone, cloud, last mile, and wireless networks empower quicker MTTD and MTTR.

Congestion detection  

Proactively identify changes, congestion, and slow-downs.

Provider baselines    

Notify CDN, DNS, and other providers of service issues.

Interconnection and peering insight  

Make quick network trafficking decisions.

    Correlate network impact with the overall end user experience.    

AS network view  

View AS provider routing for up to three years, three days at a time to understand trends and detect changes.

IP network view  

Drill deep into the hop-by-hop graph to see specific hosts and devices in the pathway.

Interactive analysis  

Combine network, web, and DNS data to paint a full view of the end user experience.

"We can monitor every hop that packets are sent through on their way to the end user and perform stringent network monitoring tests that are able to detect and diagnose isolated issues which are caused by poorly performing ISPs in specific locations around the world."

“Oracle Dyn’s network operations team uses Catchpoint to get an accurate view of the customer experience in under five minutes, representing up to a 75% reduction in response time.”

Customers ♥ catchpoint network monitoring

Why Network Monitoring?

    Internet outages degrade availability, reachability, and the reliability of your applications and services, directly impacting your end users, your  brand, and revenue.

    IT environments today are complex, with hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructures, multiple third parties, and a diverse user base. This complexity makes it challenging to diagnose whether an incident is on the LAN, WAN, or Internet, resulting in finger pointing between the network and  application teams, longer mean times to resolve, and end-user frustration.

You need network monitoring to detect, identify, troubleshoot, and resolve network outages. Continuous monitoring from a variety of networks, ISPs, and geographies will give you the visibility needed to ensure flawless digital experiences.  

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