"We can monitor every hop that packets are sent through on their way to the end user and perform stringent network monitoring tests that are able to detect and diagnose isolated issues which are caused by poorly performing ISPs in specific locations around the world."

“Oracle Dyn’s network operations team uses Catchpoint to get an accurate view of the customer experience in under five minutes, representing up to a 75% reduction in response time.”

Customers ♥ catchpoint network monitoring

Why monitor the network?

Network instability and outages impact the availability and reliability of applications and services. When something fails, users associate the failure with your application or service, regardless of whether the cause is due to micro-outages, congested networks, or peering failures. Add to that sites that may be blocked, throttled, or filtered from various geographies, and there are many ways network issues can result in unhappy end users.   

IT environments today are complex, with hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructure, multiple third parties, and a mobile user base. This complexity makes it difficult to diagnose whether an incident is on the LAN, WAN, or internet - which leads to a lot of finger pointing between the network and application teams.  

You need a network performance monitoring solution to detect, troubleshoot, and help you resolve instability and outages whether the issue is on the LAN, WAN, or internet. Continuous testing and monitoring from a variety of networks, ISPs, and geographies will help you deliver optimal performance with minimal service interruptions.

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