Network monitoring with visibility of every layer

Proactively detect and resolve issues throughout your entire network – from layer 3 to layer 7 – to lower MTTR and improve end users’ digital experiences. Network monitoring has never been this complete.


Why Catchpoint for Network Monitoring? 

Digital transformation initiatives and increasing IT complexity have made it more challenging than ever to get actionable network performance data. By providing full visibility into the network  – as well as across application layers – Catchpoint enables IT teams to proactively detect issues and identify the root causes quickly.

Ensure Speed & Reachability

Get complete visibility of multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments

Detect in Real Time

Monitor public and private networks for congestion, packet loss, & peering issues

Secure Your Networks

Protect against DDoS, DNS cache poisoning, and BGP route hijacks

Improve Employee Experiences

Detect local network reachability & performance issues


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"There’s no doubt that Catchpoint offers a powerful tool. In fact, the platform that they’ve built, is, I think, unrivalled in terms of observability for network performance." Zachary Smith, General Manager of Bare Metal

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