Automate web performance testing

Streamline and accelerate web performance testing with automation

With the ever-increasing amount of data to analyze, the need for automation becomes crucial. This is where the Catchpoint WebPageTest API comes into play, offering pro users a wide range of valuable capabilities and benefits. By harnessing the power of automation, you can take advantage of improvement opportunities and no-code experiments to streamline your website performance testing and monitoring processes.  

Catchpoint WebPageTest API lets you:  

  • Use NPM wrapper for NodeJS to integrate with your existing CI/CD tooling easily.
  • Run tests within VSCode to quickly test the impact of changes right from your code editor.
  • Check code changes with GitHub Actions and set performance budgets.
  • Debug, triage, and collaborate with your teams within Slack.
  • Build visualization dashboards with Google Sheets, Grafana, and more.  

Opportunities and Experiments

Even the best web performance teams often spend days or weeks identifying and implementing a potential improvement based on standard scores and metrics, just to be underwhelmed by the changes or find that it breaks other parts of their users’ experience.  

This is where our opportunities and experiments feature comes in:  

  • Opportunities: WebPageTest Opportunities allows users access to unique and actionable insights generated by test results. IT teams receive suggested best practices, such as deferred or async JavaScript, right-sized images, and security fundamentals.  
  • Experiments: WebPageTest Experiments gives users access to custom and automatically generated optimization tests that show how their websites could benefit from specific, actionable improvements with zero changes to the codebase. By making on-the-fly changes to the site’s HTML, JS, and CSS without changing any deployed code and comparing it to a control test, developers can instantly gauge the potential for success of their performance tuning.  

A screenshot of a computerDescription automatically generated with medium confidence

Experiments are a game changer for quantifying the speed impact of performance optimizations. What took days of technical work is now just a few clicks. Not only will this save tons of time, it will let us test and iterate ideas to find the right mix of recommendations efficiently. I’m blown away this exists, it feels like magic.” - Todd Parker, Partner, Filament Group

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