Why Catchpoint and Google Cloud Platform?

Digital experience monitoring with Catchpoint helps you ensure that every experience matters. Our synthetic and real user monitoring provides complete visibility into the digital experiences that matter most. Measure performance from over 700 backbone, broadband, cloud, last mile, and wireless vantage points to detect suboptimal experiences in real time.

Monitor from Catchpoint nodes within Google Cloud regions

First mile synthetic monitoring to eliminate the “noise” of the internet.

Validate communication of multi-cloud and hybrid infrastructure.

• Amsterdam
• Brussels
• Charleston
• Frankfurt
• Helsinki
• London
• Montreal

• Mumbai
• Portland
• Sao Paulo
• Singapore
• Sydney
• Taipei
• Tokyo
• Washington

Monitor from the end-user’s perspective with the largest, most reliable global monitoring network.

Validate performance and SLAs of third-party dependencies.

Collect measurements from actual users with real user monitoring.

Measure SLOs for services delivered to end users.

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