End User SErvices

Deliver and support IT services so your hybrid workforce thrives

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Redefine the relationship
between IT and your people

With the new reality of a hybrid workforce, End User Services must provide flexibility and reliability to colleagues working from anywhere. Accelerated adoption of the Cloud and SaaS has further fueled increased complexity and a rise in blind spots, making it harder to ensure optimal end user experience.

Look beyond the device, into what IT doesn't control. Catchpoint provides unique, actionable insights into the digital enterprise black box, instantly identifying where user-impacting issues lie for faster remediation.

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Deliver the right technologies to end users in all situations

Work-from-anywhere employees are dependent on consumer-grade WiFi connectivity. New security and virtualization tools also impact digital experience. Often issues lie outside the corporate network, demanding a new level of visibility into what end users experience.

Enable your mobile workforce

Preemptively fix end user services issues for your hybrid workforce by identifying bottlenecks outside the control of enterprise IT.

See into your enterprise applications

Get end-to-end observability into applications, from Microsoft 365 to Zoom, for proactive user support and continual service improvement.

Run and manage virtual workplaces

Isolate degradations in user experience instantly, to troubleshoot virtual desktops, even when hosted by a third-party (DaaS).

De-risk new IT security initiatives

Preserve user experience as you adopt SASE/ VPN. Observe all third-party components, including network underlay and overlay.

The ability to replicate and measure the actual end user experience, regardless of geography, allows Xandr to detect performance issues – whether they’re rooted in the application, a third party, or at the network level – before users are impacted.

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Senior Network Architect

Transform end user technologies to meet new business demand

Improve workforce productivity and ensure business continuity during digital transformation by truly measuring your users' digital experience at every step.

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Accurately assess vendors

Evaluate vendors (SASE, cloud, or virtual workplace) armed with third-party telemetry to perform independent cost benefit analysis.

Measure the impact of change

Set baselines from the end user point of view to compare performance before and after digital initiatives, to confirm your decisions.

Ensure adoption of new initiatives

Monitor use and adoption of services or wider initiatives to ensure KPIs are met, and prove your deployments work as intended.

Maximize 24x7x365 observability

Combine active, enterprise, and endpoint data in a single view to continually measure and optimize user experience, remote or on site.



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