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Gain actionable insights into the areas that enterprise IT doesn't control, from the only independent observability platform

With limited visibility into how your employees experience the technology they rely on, it is next to impossible to know what and how to improve. With a sustained move to hybrid work, these blind spots have soared.

From endpoint WiFi and SASE/VPN connectivity through the Internet maze, to SaaS and cloud environments, Catchpoint's Employee Experience solution opens the black box of the modern digital enterprise.

Wherever you work

The hybrid workplace is here to stay. For your business to adapt, you need to be able to support every employee with the technologies they rely on – and yes, that support goes beyond the device.

Navigate the hybrid workplace with certainty

Observe your users’ digital experience with far-reaching visibility, from each user machine all the way to their business-critical apps.

Journey through the Internet maze

Get the industry's most exhaustive view of the critical path between your employees and their IT services with our vast observability network.

Prevent performance degradation from next-gen security tooling

Baseline performance to ensure employee experience isn’t degraded and business disrupted through a move to SASE or VPN.

Ensure digital employee experience in Desktop-as-a-Service environments

Guarantee a high quality experience in DaaS environments by monitoring from the devices your end users are on.

Whenever you need it

Flexibility is central to how people work. It’s about ensuring that critical transaction can go through when you need it most. Be pre-emptive - test your IT services continuously, even when they're not being used.

Test 24x7x365

Test continuously from the most vantage points in the industry, so you know your applications will be reachable whenever you need them.

Rely on the most complete platform

Combine active, real user, and endpoint observability for the only true end-to-end solution that provides data you can rely on.

Be the first to know about outages

Know when an application has gone down, even before the service provider themselves, so you can run your contingency plan.

Confidently execute upgrades and migrations

Compare IT transformations (cloud, SASE, etc.) pre- and post-change to control the impact on your employees and support them after rollout.

Whatever is important

How has it been to be accountable for services hosted and delivered by third-party providers? Good news: from now on, you'll close IT tickets faster with the end-to-end view everyone talks about, but only we deliver.

Promote collaboration inside Microsoft 365

See into the user experience of Microsoft 365 applications across internal and external IT infrastructure straight into the MS environment.

Make sure conversation can happen

Swiftly isolate underlying infrastructure issues impacting the video and VoIP tools your remote teams rely on to work "face to face."

Proactively manage Salesforce health

Combine endpoint with continuous active observability to get a full picture of Salesforce health from every employee’s perspective.

Cover your SaaS

Observe what matters most to your cloud-reliant organization, whether it’s SAP, Oracle, or another SaaS app that can’t afford failures.


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