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Why you should work at Catchpoint

Do you want to work in an empowering environment where you’re trusted to build new features that will help customers worldwide?

I was at Catchpoint less than 2 weeks when I found myself leading a hackathon team during the company’s biannual ReImagine Hackathon. We set out to solve quite a gnarly problem whose solution would let customers create one performance testing script for their web page. And no matter how many times that page was rearranged, the script would still work. Think of how much time they would save when they are no longer required to rewrite Selenium scripts every time a new version of their web page gets deployed.

I was delighted to see our solution succeed, and we even won a hackathon prize. But the most rewarding aspect of the entire hackathon process was that I already felt empowered at Catchpoint. I contributed an idea to the best Digital Experience Monitoring product in the industry.

It’s quite a monumental time in Catchpoint’s history. We have won over some of the largest companies in tech, have proven over and over again our ability to spot outages the moment they start (Facebook, I’m looking at your March 13th outage), and we’re growing. More specifically, we’ve grown at a rate of 68 employees in the last year and still have over 35 positions currently open, ready to fill with eager, innovative, driven people.

So, why should you work at Catchpoint?

1. Our mission is critical

Our mission is to help the Internet deliver on its potential for everyone. And due to the skyrocketing use of SaaS solutions, we need to monitor the SaaS experience.

According to BetterCloud, in 2017, 38% of businesses became SaaS-first workplaces, and that number is expected to rise to 73% by 2020. SaaS benefits businesses by allowing them to offload hardware maintenance and deployment of solutions they love, like email and other collaboration tools.

However, when SaaS outages occur, those businesses suffer because they don’t have control or visibility into the problem. Not only do these situations cause a massive influx of internal IT tickets, lost employee productivity, and general panic, but they also erode trust in those SaaS solutions. At the same time, SaaS companies start suffering customer churn and might need to pay for SLA breaches.

Businesses need top-quality SaaS solutions to maximize their success. At Catchpoint, we have the world’s best end-to-end monitoring solution, allowing our customers to hold SaaS vendors accountable when outages and performance degradations impact their success. And, our product itself has earned the trust of Microsoft, Comcast, LinkedIn, Verizon, Appnexus, and others.

2. We are visionaries

It is not rare for my colleagues to come up with exciting hackathon ideas that become real products. I’d like to highlight two especially successful recent additions to our product suite that ended up delighting our customers:

With Custom Visualizations, we have empowered our customers to view their performance data with Google Charts, a popular and effective charting API. This feature allows them to easily construct the visualizations which will help them most quickly diagnose a performance issue’s root cause.

Also, our new Catchpoint Events feature allows customers to post events from their DevOps tools, change management, or any other event-driven service directly into Catchpoint. That way, their monitoring data is all in one place.

It has been a treat to be a part of Catchpoint’s group of innovators, and I am looking forward to seeing our new ideas grow as Catchpoint’s growth accelerates.

3. You will become an expert at solving hard problems

Does it excite you to gauge the performance at every step of DNS, SSL, TCP, UDP, traceroute, and many other fundamental protocols that make up the Internet? Would you feel thrilled if you could correlate a sudden packet re-route through Russia to a BGP hijack that shut down large swaths of the web? Would you feel heroic if you could immediately alert an Internet Service Provider of an outage that brought down critical 911 emergency services?

Every day, we get to build the monitoring infrastructure for tackling these problems.

Work with us

Do you want to work in an empowering environment where you’re trusted to build new features that will help customers worldwide? If so, we would love to meet you. Apply here.

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