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Web Monitoring Just Isn’t Good Enough Anymore

According to a recent Gartner guide, web monitoring simply is not good enough anymore. Learn more by downloading the complete guide here.

Monitoring tools for websites have been around for more than two decades now. They can tell you whether your site is up or down, how long it takes your webpage to load, even how long it takes to complete a multi-step transaction.

All of this is done by monitoring the communication layers of the web, including TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). But today’s web applications rely on so much more than these two protocols. They traverse a global network of Internet service providers, cloud infrastructure providers, content delivery networks, internal and external domain name services (DNS); they call on third-party hosts and APIs, they deploy tags for advertising and personalization services.

Basic web monitoring won’t provide any insights into how this complex network performs and affects your end-user experience. Not having this visibility will prevent you from delivering the amazing customer experiences that drive successful businesses.

Monitoring today’s digital infrastructure requires a global node network that goes everywhere your applications go. It requires synthetic monitoring to constantly test all the services your applications use, and real user measurement (RUM) to gauge what your actual end users are experiencing when they use your application. It requires powerful analytics to make sense of all of the data collected by these tools.

Gartner calls this type of performance monitoring “Digital Experience Monitoring,” or DEM. It expects that “by 2020, 30% of global enterprises will have strategically implemented DEM technologies or services, up from fewer than 5% today.”

So how do you raise your game from web monitoring to DEM? To learn more, download our new newsletter, “From Web to Digital Experience. The Revolution in End-User Monitoring.” We’ll show you how Catchpoint can be used as the centerpiece of your DEM strategy and share some real-world DEM success stories from our customers. This premium content offering from Catchpoint includes the Gartner report, “Innovation Insight for Digital Experience Monitoring.”

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