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The Winners of the Web Speed Geek Challenge Are In!

Over 800 people played, but only three can walk away with prizes from the Web Speed Geek Challenge.

After a month and a half of web speed geeks around the globe testing their mettle, the results are finally in and the prizes are ready to be awarded. We had over 800 contestants over the course of the quiz, who compiled an average score of 58.1 percent. So while the average score may not have received a passing grade in a classroom, the high level of difficulty was clearly a factor.

470 of the contestants were located in the United States, and since legal restrictions prevented us from awarding prizes to international quiz takers, the official winners came out of this pool. The grand prize of a free ticket to Velocity Santa Clara going to Paul Irish, who scored an impressive 95 percent in just three minutes and 20 seconds. The full list of winners is as follows:

  1. Paul Irish, Google Developer – 95% in 3m 20s
  2. Alex Sexton, Stripe Engineer – 92.5% in 5m 31s
  3. Tim Kadlec, Akamai Engineer – 90% in 4m 2s

While we were unable to award prizes to our international contestants, that didn’t stop over 300 of them from trying their hand anyway. After all, glory is its own reward. And the lion’s share of the glory belongs to our only quiz taker who registered a perfect score: Andy Davies of NCC Group, who not only aced the quiz, but did so in an astounding two minutes and 56 seconds.

Congratulations to the winners, thanks to everyone who played, and we hope to see all of you at Velocity Santa Clara!

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