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Prioritizing Professional Growth in the Digital Age

Professional growth is key to staying ahead in the digital age. Come to Catchpoint Elevate to earn professional credits and get a competitive edge.

In a professional landscape where the third party vendors and tools that an organization uses have such a huge impact on their brand and their revenue, expertise in those tools is incredibly important. And that importance grows even more when it comes to highly technical tools such as Digital Experience Monitoring solutions. This makes professional training, development, and certification very important from a business’s perspective, as continuous training of their employees is vital for a company that expects to grow the scope and quality of their services.

And on an individual level, continuing education and training are important parts of career development. Being able to point to proven expertise in a specific skill or field as verified by an independent third party goes a long way in validating one’s skillset and capabilities.

It’s with that in mind that Catchpoint has decided to offer professional credits for valuable performance monitoring skills as part of Catchpoint Elevate in Las Vegas next April. Conference registrants who sign up for the one-day workshop in addition to the general conference will be able to earn up to three separate badges that they can add to their resumes and LinkedIn profiles, and use as earned credit when Catchpoint launches its full-scale certification program next year.

The one-day workshop offers two separate tracks for attendees to choose from. Each track is broken into morning and afternoon sessions, and attendees will be able to move from one to the other after the lunch break. The full schedule is listed below, and a detailed description of each class can be found here.

Catchpoint Elevate

The morning classes of the gold track on the left will allow attendees to earn a ‘Catchpoint Fundamentals’ badge for the morning sessions, while the classes after lunch will earn you a special ‘Troubleshooting’ badge.

As for the green track on the right (which is intended for more advanced Catchpoint users), attendees can earn  a ‘Real User Focus’ badge for the morning session, and a ‘Catchpoint Pro’ badge for the afternoon classes.

To learn more about Catchpoint Elevate, and to reserve your spot today, visit

Any questions about attending or speaking at Catchpoint Elevate can be directed to

We hope to see you in Vegas in April!

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