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OnPrem Agent Brings the Power of Catchpoint to You

OnPrem Agent brings the power of synthetic monitoring to all of your locations. Learn how you can use OnPrem in your datacenter, branch offices, and more.

When I tell tech industry business contacts that I work for Catchpoint now, the reaction is fairly predictable: “Catchpoint? The web performance guys?” Or maybe, “Oh, that synthetic monitoring company?” Why yes, we are a company that’s come to redefine the web/Internet performance management space and “Synthetic Monitoring” remains our flagship product.

But, Catchpoint does more than monitor and test your websites and web transactions—we can also monitor your internal network architecture and service levels with our OnPrem Agent technology. Catchpoint OnPrem Agent is a physical or virtual appliance that is deployed wherever you need it most; whether that’s in your datacenter, branch offices, call centers, or brick-and-mortar stores.

OnPrem Agent works the same way as our synthetic monitoring nodes by providing tests of browsers, emulated monitoring, APIs, objects, Web sockets, DNS, TCP, Ping, Traceroute, SMTP and more. These tests can be used to monitor “first-mile” application performance in the data center, local network connectivity to internal and cloud applications, point-of-sale systems, and call center applications. You can also use OnPrem Agent to set up your own personal last-mile node. As with real estate, location matters when it comes to monitoring Internet connectivity and customer experience.


All data collected by OnPrem Agent is processed, stored, and analyzed in real-time, in Catchpoint’s proprietary Orchestra No/SQL in-memory database. You access and run reports on your primary, not aggregate data, from the same Catchpoint portal you use for our other products. Data is kept for up to three years, as it is for all Catchpoint products. The combination of OnPrem Agent with Catchpoint’s Synthetic Monitoring helps you to pinpoint exactly where performance problems are coming from, whether from internal or external network and Internet infrastructure. You end up with a fairly complete view of the health of your online systems, including availability, performance and reliability, ensuring that your customers’ experiences are protected.

But don’t take our word for it; listen to our webinar this Thursday at 2 p.m. EDT/11 a.m. PDT and learn how Honeywell International has deployed OnPrem Agent throughout their global networks to monitor network and application performance levels, including cloud applications, from multiple locations. Honeywell will demonstrate how they’ve improved customer experience levels using a combination of OnPrem Agent and Catchpoint Synthetic Monitoring, reducing costs and improving insight into different online systems.

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