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This week Catchpoint launched 6 new nodes in London, which are connected to 6 consumer ISPs: British Telecom, O2, Virgin Media, TalkTalk, Orange, and Sky. The connections range from ADSL2 to Cable. This deployment brings our coverage in the United Kingdom to 11 nodes (5 Backbones nodes and 6 Last Mile nodes).

I wanted to share with you some interesting data from these 6 consumer internet connections. We monitored the Google Homepage over a two day period, collecting 3640 samples of data. The Median Response time was 290 ms (the time to get the HTML) and the Median Webpage Response was 1,095 ms (loading all the requests to render the webpage)

Web Performance by ISP:

Performance data by ISP
Performance data by ISP

When looking at the data by hour of day, by ISP – an interesting pattern emerges. Virgin Media has performance bottlenecks starting at 2 pm UTC. (It is Cable connection with advertised speed of 100 Mb/s).

Web Page Response time by ISP
Web Page Response time by ISP

Performance on Backbone vs. Last Mile nodes in the UK:

Last Mile - Backbone Comparison
Last Mile – Backbone Comparison

Performance on Last Mile nodes US vs. UK

Web Performance US vs. UK Last Mile
Web Performance US vs. UK Last Mile

See you at the Pub!

PS: Thank you to our hosting and technology partners in the UK for making this happen!

Mehdi – Catchpoint

Published on
Apr 16, 2013
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