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Monitoring User Sentiment

In this post we're looking at Catchpoint’s latest telemetry point: user sentiment, which will be commercially available on the platform from the mid-summer.

In this Tip of the Day installment, we look at Catchpoint’s latest telemetry point: user sentiment. Last month, we announced this new kid on the block to the Catchpoint platform. During the mid-summer timeframe, we’ll be offering our commercial customers the ability to collect and analyze user sentiment alongside Synthetic, Network, Endpoint and RUM data. The addition of user sentiment to our platform marks the first time a Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) solution has integrated what users are actually feeling and saying, allowing businesses the opportunity to fully gauge user experience.

In conjunction, Catchpoint has also released a free user sentiment portal called WebSee and in this week’s video, we’re excited to walk you through a demo of how to go about using it.

Elevate Performance Monitoring with User Sentiment

Having as many different types of telemetry points as possible gives IT teams and I&O leaders the best chance of identifying potential performance issues.  Catchpoint now combines:

  1. Synthetic Monitoring – proactively monitors your digital performance
  2. Network Monitoring – monitors the networks you don’t control
  3. Real User Monitoring – monitors your customer’s experience
  4. Endpoint Monitoring – monitors your employee’s experience
  5. User Sentiment Monitoring – monitors the opinions and feelings of your customer

The ability to measure user sentiment and track what your customers are saying and how they are feeling about your product is an invaluable contextual tool to support the hard data offered by the other four telemetry points Catchpoint provides. By integrating user sentiment into the Catchpoint platform and tracking Tweets, reviews, comments, and complaints, we want to help businesses gain a more holistic insight into the end-user experience, and enable quicker resolutions of digital performance degradation and outages.

Leverage User Sentiment with WebSee

WebSee is a free browser extension that lets you see what the user community is saying about your service on review sites like Yelp and social media platforms like Twitter. Catchpoint can now correlate this user sentiment data with our existing Synthetic, Network, RUM, and Endpoint Monitoring solutions, adding in a fifth telemetry point.

Believe me, I get it, yet another free tool! But stay with me. In this case, free does not mean basic. WebSee offers:

  1. User sentiment analysis: WebSee collects, analyzes, and displays global user sentiment from thousands of web sites and web apps from around the globe.
  2. A self-reporting mechanism for consumers, employees, and customers: Users can self-report outages or performance issues.
  3. Validation by Catchpoint: Catchpoint’s professional services team validates any significant outage or performance degradation that is reported, then displays the results on the WebSee portal.

In this week’s video, you will:

  • Understand the importance of user sentiment and its role alongside Synthetic, Network, Endpoint, and RUM
  • Find out more about our free user sentiment browser extension, WebSee
  • See WebSee in action
  • Learn how to use WebSee to find out about the latest performance degradations and outages
  • Find out how to self-report performance issues and keep your user community on top of what’s going on.
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