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Catchpoint Boosts Coverage in China, Africa, IPv6

We've expanded our global network to almost 400 backbone nodes, including vast coverage in China and Africa. Learn more about our node expansion here.

As digital businesses’ needs continue to grow and evolve, Catchpoint has ramped up our investment in node coverage to increase visibility in emerging marketplaces as well as technologies. We added more than 50 monitoring nodes over the past quarter, bringing our total above 500.

Our network now includes nearly 400 backbone nodes, more than 60 of which are IPv6 to help our clients test, monitor, and validate their IPv6 deployments and strategies. We also gained new visibility from IBM Softlayer, adding a key top-tier cloud provider to our network alongside Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Google Cloud. This enables companies to evaluate and make informed decisions on architectures, cloud provider selection, and monitoring from cloud providers to their origin datacenters and offices.

Globally our nodes in China enable clients to monitor their customer experience from 45 locations, extending our lead over industry peers. We added Chengdu, Luoyang, Harbin, Yangzhou, Chongqing, Ningbo, and other key Chinese cities to our network.

“Our growth is driven by customer demand, with most telling us they need more global coverage,” says CEO Mehdi Daoudi. “By building the world’s largest node network, we can help companies future-proof their infrastructure investments. We’ll continue to invest in our network as customers’ needs evolve.”

We also added nodes in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, and Botswana, letting clients manage their end-user experiences in more locations across Africa. And as Iran becomes an increasingly important global market, our location in Tehran will help expanding brands introduce great customer experiences to new audiences.

As delivering an amazing customer experience increasingly separates winners and losers competing for business around the world, Catchpoint will invest even more to build a network that supports our clients’ growth wherever it comes from.

More details here.

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