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Major Auto Insurance Provider Fuels Field Agent Productivity With End User Experience Monitoring

Major auto insurance provider fuels field agent’s productivity with end user experience monitoring

Many organizations immediately pivoted to a largely remote workforce in March of 2020. For many IT teams, across all industries, this meant a huge rushed effort to make sure employees had the technology to work from home effectively. Fortunately, many companies, specifically in the insurance industry, already had remote workers and have weathered this transition well. However, it has still exposed a number of gaps, specifically in end user experience monitoring, and reinforced the need for additional IT investments.

In this blog post, we dig into an enterprise case study of how Catchpoint helps a leading auto insurance provider enable their hybrid and remote workforce to maintain work productivity without technology disruptions getting in the way.

The Challenge and Solution

Internet connectivity in a remote work environment has been one of the biggest concerns for one of the nation’s top insurance provider. To tackle the challenge head on, the goal of the company's IT team is to provide every employee with reliable connectivity to ensure the best ‘work from anywhere’ experience irrespective of the device and network they use.

“We recently deployed 4GLTE Verizon technology and are exploring 5G options on our employee’s devices. Wireless connectivity is a complement to Wi-Fi to make anywhere connectivity a reality for our workforce” says their IT manager.

With agents connecting via Verizon, home WiFi, different internet providers and over the corporate VPN, the network operations teams found it difficult to troubleshoot connectivity issues as they were not sure where exactly the slowdowns were occurring. Using their traditional monitoring tool, they had a difficult time mapping anecdotal end user complaints to data coming from devices, networks and providers. The only way for them to get the insight they needed was to monitor from the perspective of the end users.

The company deployed Catchpoint’s Endpoint Monitoring solution to gain better visibility from the end user perspective. The added vantage points from Catchpoint helped them understand the end user experience for a specific application over a specific network, whether it’s the user's home WiFi or Verizon 4GLT, and at any given time.

They also wanted to be alerted proactively whenever any mass scale incident happens. “Catchpoints public synthetic nodes helps us proactively monitor key applications from geographies and ISPs that our agents will be accessing applications and doing work from.” This allows the IT team to proactively detect and resolve performance issues before it impacts the user. They can then quickly triage and triangulate any major issue and identify problematic ISPs or application components.


Proactively identifying degradation in employee remote access and identifying where the issues are occurring

Using Catchpoint the enterprise has a detailed overview of the digital experience of both their remote and in-office workers with insight into network, application and device performance.

“We can see the Digital Experience Scores of remote vs. office-based employees. If users are having a poor experience with their network, device or business applications we can immediately perform the best remediation steps” says the IT manager at the insurance company. Catchpoint provides a wide variety of monitoring tests for various use cases. For example, they are running many of the synthetic tests that Catchpoint offers to monitor Office365 proactively to identify degradation in performance and any accessibility issues for remote employees.

Before Catchpoint, it would sometimes take the IT team weeks to identify the root cause of an application issue after it was reported by the employee. Gathering data proof, and then escalating to the right team to troubleshoot and find a resolution. Since using Catchpoint, “what used to take us weeks has been reduced to minutes. We can isolate issues quickly and escalate to the appropriate internal teams.”

‍4GLTE and 5G performance monitoring with Catchpoint to enable business productivity

Due to a largely remote workforce and the use of business-critical SaaS applications to accomplish every day tasks, IT has enabled reliable wireless connectivity as a complement to Wi-Fi for their largely remote workforce. This will help avoid downtime that could impact employees who maybe dealing with poor WiFi options.

The Employee devices have a built in card that provides agents with the convenience of having mobile wireless connectivity that is set up as soon as they get their laptop. With the investment made in this new network, IT wanted to make sure employees where utilizing the network capabilities optimally.

With Catchpoint, IT is able to monitor the 4GLTE and 5G network to identify any bottlenecks. The end-to-end visibility that Catchpoint provides means that they can monitor every network and all the services running on it. It is easier to identify and resolve potential issues before they occur, this enables them to be more proactive.

End User Network degradation when traffic is carried over Verizon's Wireless Network that propagates through the Verizon Internet Backbone onto Microsoft Team's Infrastructure.

Monitoring VPN with Catchpoint

For any IT team, monitoring the company’s VPN can be an enormous undertaking. A VPN tunnel may flap, or lose its connection, due to many reasons. For example, due to a line condition, WiFi issue or a hardware issue.

With Catchpoint, the IT team now has the ability to determine if the problem that a field agent or insurance adjuster is experiencing is caused by their VPN connection. IT is able to actively monitor VPN for reachability and performance in real time using Catchpoint. “Catchpoint’s user centric network path analysis helped us identify if VPN connectivity is the problem so we can trouble shoot” says their IT Manager.

The examples discussed here are just some of the monitoring use cases relevant to this specific enterprise. The enterprise plans to continue using Catchpoint to deliver improved digital experiences. In future blog posts, we will discuss how the employee experience monitoring strategy evolves with the use of the Catchpoint platform.

For more interesting use cases around employee experience, read the handbook "10 Essential Use Cases for Employee Experience Monitoring." Download it here!



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