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Marketing and IT Collaboration Makes for Happy Customers

Digital business calls for cross-departmental collaboration to succeed. Learn how marketing & IT collaboration can improve customer experiences.

The gap between creative and technical is officially closed; in digital business, that is. It’s time for collaboration between marketing and IT to reflect that.

Web performance has always been IT’s responsibility. The disruption of traditional business practices that comes with the term “digital” is completely reshaping day-to-day productivity, and blending the completely separate marketing and IT worlds into one, cohesive effort around delivering amazing customer experiences.

The past few months we’ve put a microscope on eCommerce companies because of the holiday shopping season, and this is exactly why. Performance has a direct impact on an eCommerce company’s revenues and profits. In other words, when latency, timeouts, and outages occur, it’s more than just an IT nightmare—it can cause your business to lose customers, ruin your brand’s reputation, and ultimately cost you a lot of money (an industry average of $110,000 per hour). Therefore, it’s in the best interest of your entire company, particularly marketing and IT, to work together to build a fast, available, and reliable website.

Site speed has become a business differentiator, especially in the eCommerce industry. User expectations have skyrocketed, and considering the incredible growth in competition, they have the choice to be picky with which brands they choose. It’s reported that 40% of users will abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load, and 80% of those visitors won’t return. Digital marketers have no choice but to turn to their IT team to deploy performance best practices just to maintain their customer base.

Acquiring new customers takes additional performance optimizations. While it’s the marketer’s job to develop and execute ideas that push the creative boundaries, they also have to keep in mind that elements like high-resolution images and videos are performance killers. This is where marketing and IT must come together to answer the question: “Is it worth it?” Often, compromising the aesthetic or creative appeal of a marketing effort will deliver a customer experience that is remarkable enough to make up for it.

Many retailers have already started promoting cross-departmental teamwork. Internet Retailer reported that 36% of retailers have said they recently made marketing performance optimization a top priority. There are several performance optimization approaches that require the combined efforts of your marketing and IT teams to deliver exceptional customer experience and take your digital business to the next level. Make this the year that Marketing and IT are finally on the same page.

Synthetic Monitoring
API Monitoring
Workforce Experience
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