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Horror Movies We’re Looking Forward to this Halloween

Get ready for a spine-tingling Halloween season with Catchpoint! Explore a chilling lineup of horror movies that mirror the nightmares of IT professionals.

It’s that time of year when the leaves are falling and the nights are getting darker and colder. Pumpkin spice flavor is omnipresent, apple cider is suddenly popular, and kids are putting together costumes so they can engage in the annual extortion of their neighbors for candy. Tombstones, skeletons, and witches are sprouting on lawns, and a touch of spookiness lingers in the air.  

We like horror movies here at Catchpoint. And, in fact, there are quite a few coming out that we’re looking forward to seeing (along with some old classics):  

  • Stephen King’s I.T. – a terrifying glimpse into the lives of the overworked people who keep the Internet working while dealing with a constant flood of user tickets. Watch as they battle the terrifying penny-wise (but pound-foolish) management that won’t get them the tools that could stop the onslaught.  
  • The BGP-Badook – a terrified admin searches for her traffic that has either been hijacked or taken down the wrong route.
  • The Evil Dead Link – they’re everywhere and they want to swallow your user’s souls. Find them – before your users do!
  • A Nightmare on C-Suite – compliance violations, SLA breaches and plunging profits make sleep impossible for a group of C-level executives.
  • The (Token) Ring – they thought the ancient technology was dead, but it has returned, crawling through monitors to wreak a horrible revenge on the engineers that made it obsolete.
  • VideoDrain – David Cronenberg’s masterpiece about an I.T. team unable to provide reliable bandwidth in the face of overwhelming video traffic coming from everywhere all at once. Can they implement traffic routing and restore internet resilience in time?
  • NosferOutage – no matter how many times they try to kill the creature, it keeps coming back because the root cause is impossible to find. Meanwhile, the monster keeps draining profits…
  • An AWS Outage in London – monsters are haunting the moors, but no one in London knows because they can’t access the cloud. Will the authorities figure out the problem before more innocent backpacking Americans get eaten?
  • The Dead Zone – beyond the visibility of APM lies the dark, uncharted depths of the internet stack. In this ever-changing void, network errors lurk – and their only goal is to destroy the experience of your users. Only Internet Performance Monitoring can shed light upon The Dead Zone.
  • Black Friday the 13th – when the biggest online shopping day of the year lands on the 13th, one ecommerce business sees their website go down for hours, costing them millions of dollars. But is it their fault or something else?
  • The Phantom of the SEO Optimization – trying to get more pageviews is a nightmare when a mysterious, ghostly presence keeps changing Google metrics. Web managers probe the catacombs of their site in a desperate effort to stay ahead of the competition.  
  • The Silence of the Clouds – at midnight, Google Cloud has gone down, taking Clarice’s servers – and business – with it. Is anything still working? Clarice can’t tell since her monitoring system was cloud-based. Can she find out what’s wrong before users wake up?
  • The Invisible App – you know it’s up and running. You can see it! But all your users swear they can’t find it online. Why isn’t it reachable? And how long has it been invisible while your users search for it?
  • Invasion of the Bandwidth Snatchers – where is the bandwidth going? Why are all the vital apps slowing down? What’s wrong with the network? A terrified group of admins try to unravel the mystery before the entire network is taken over.
  • Dr. Vendor & Mr. Hide – that 3rd-party vendor seemed honest, legitimate, and respectable. But things keep going wrong and he’s never around to provide hard data on how his service is performing. It’s time to push past his vague assurances and investigate whether he’s really the best choice for your business!
  • A Quiet Place – Teams meetings shouldn’t be quiet, but your workforce can’t seem to log on. Those who do are muted and have horribly distorted video. What’s going on? And how can you find the cause when your workers are connecting from all over the globe?
  • I.T. Follows – who knows what route that app took to connect to the user? Who knows what slowed it down? I.T. does: it follows that app with Catchpoint Tracing.

And finally:

While you may have difficulty finding some of these movies in theaters or on streaming sites, you’ll definitely find all the solutions here at Catchpoint.

Because no matter the season, our goal is to make the Internet better for everyone, everywhere, all the time. Our unparalleled Global Observability Network means we can monitor the Internet from where it matters: where your users are. And that gives you a granular, detailed view of their journey through the ever-changing internet stack to your systems and applications.

There are no dark shadows, blind spots or mysteries with Catchpoint, and we make sure you know exactly what network issues go bump in the night before they impact your users. So, take a few minutes away from your apple cider and pumpkin spice latte to check out what Catchpoint can do for your business.

You can watch a demo, or just reach out to us at We promise the experience won’t be the slightest bit scary!

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