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Fall 2023 Product Launch Recap

Our Fall 2023 Product Launch event showcased Catchpoint’s latest innovations to accelerate time to detection, improve automation capabilities, and further expand our Global Observability Network.

Catchpoint introduces new capabilities that make the Internet better.  

Our Fall 2023 Product Launch event showcased Catchpoint’s latest innovations to accelerate time to detection, improve automation capabilities, and further expand our Global Observability Network.  

Watch the Fall 2023 Product Launch

New products in our IPM Suite

Let’s look at some of the new products demoed at our Fall 2023 product launch.  

Catchpoint Tracing

Catchpoint Tracing Trace Map screenshot

In an era where “cloud-native” has become synonymous with complexity and distribution, organizations face the challenge of monitoring countless backend processes triggered by user actions. That's where Catchpoint Tracing comes in, solving the problem of complex, large, distributed environments – used for modern application delivery – impacting your customer’s digital experience and, ultimately, business revenue.  

Catchpoint Tracing helps operations teams achieve Internet Resilience. It extends the reach of IPM, combining deep visibility into the Internet Stack to visualize request journeys through backend application components and providing code-level visibility into cloud-first applications, ensuring application health and performance. Catchpoint’s IPM platform is the only one in the world that combines deep visibility into the Internet, an outside-in perspective of digital experience, all the way through to the application and its dependencies.  

Internet Sonar  

Internet Sonar map screenshot

The first question your IT Team asks whenever there’s any service disruption is, “Is it us or something else?” Catchpoint's Internet Sonar answers that question intelligently by providing real-time, global Internet health insights at a glance. Internet Sonar uses data from the world’s largest, independent, active observability network to monitor hundreds of the Internet’s most popular services for outages. The result is an AI-powered, real-time, interactive status report that can be displayed via an interactive map, a dashboard widget, or accessed by any system via API.  

Leveraging Internet Sonar, you’ll know whenever a third party has an outage, where they have it, how long it's been going on, and whether or not it's likely to affect you. No finger-pointing, no war rooms, just straightforward, intelligent, and reliable Internet health information so you can get ahead of productivity or experience-impacting 3rd-party incidents.  

Noteworthy New Capabilities

Traceroute ECN

Network congestion can severely impact real-time applications, causing packet drops, retransmissions, buffering, and increased latency, ultimately leading to poor user performance. We've implemented support for Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) in our traceroute tests to address this. ECN allows network equipment to signal congestion without dropping packets. By monitoring ECN bit values at each hop, you can pinpoint where congestion forms in the network and its impact on service performance. This unique capability enhances our Network Experience solution, empowering you to optimize network paths for low-latency, low-loss applications and take informed actions for improved performance.

Webpage Waterfall Compare

Pinpointing the root cause of website performance issues is like searching for a needle in a haystack. When a webpage loads, it triggers numerous HTTP requests, often with intricate dependencies. Site reliability engineers (SREs) and development teams urgently need to discern alterations. Yet, SREs have lacked the coding-style comparison tools to easily analyze changes in browser renderings before and after issues arise.  

In this release, Catchpoint stands alone in providing the capability to comprehensively compare browser rendering waterfall results from up to four web tests side by side. This enhancement elevates our Website Experience solution, empowering companies to identify and resolve problems swiftly, reduce Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR), and mitigate the impact of Internet performance issues. It's like a code diff tool, but for your web test, saving you valuable time.  

Zoom and Teams Call Monitoring

In our Workforce Experience solution, we've enhanced our Zoom and Teams call monitoring capabilities. Instead of relying on these services, an API, or indirect testing approaches for insights on call quality, we now directly measure call quality by monitoring the underlying network flow. This approach provides you with real, actual user experience insights for remote workers, ensuring a more accurate assessment of call quality.  

Enhanced Global Observability Network

We are constantly growing our footprint and vantage points, although we already have an industry-leading global observability network. Since our May launch, we have added more than 60 new nodes across the US, Canada, Israel, Germany, Poland, Qatar, Japan, India, Singapore, Sweden, Australia, and Italy, covering Cloud, Backbone, Last Mile, and Wireless, bringing our total network vantage points to over 2500. We have also added 10 BGP feeds across eight countries to get our total coverage on BGP to over 1430 BGP peers across 447 ASNs, providing even further real-time global BGP visibility against hijacks or manipulation.  

Enterprise Light Nodes

Organizations leveraging Catchpoint's IPM platform can now utilize a new, lightweight node for expanded visibility with reduced resource demands. This versatile node can operate across diverse environments, including Cisco routers, switches, and similar devices. Leo Vasiliou, Director of Product Marketing, explained how these low-cost nodes could be effortlessly deployed in large quantities, ranging from hundreds to thousands: “Simply ship them out to branch locations, small closets, or any place with an Internet connection, and they will be up and running in no time.”  

The Enterprise Light Node effectively addresses the connectivity requirements of sites like retail stores, branch locations, satellite offices, or any remote area beyond the reach of an enterprise node. The outcome is cost-effective monitoring precisely where it is needed most. The result is cost-effective monitoring from where it matters.  

Catchpoint: Driving Innovation and Internet Resilience

Our Fall 2023 Product Launch introduced groundbreaking capabilities that transform how organizations enhance the resilience of mission-critical applications and the new enterprise network - the Internet. With Catchpoint Tracing, we've tackled the complexity of modern applications head-on, providing a solution that ensures customer satisfaction and business revenue in the face of intricate, distributed environments. Additionally, Internet Sonar empowers IT teams with at-a-glance visibility into the Internet's health, enabling swift, intelligent responses to third-party incidents. These, along with the other innovations we’ve noted above, represent our dedication to making the Internet better, ensuring that you can deliver the fast, resilient experiences your customers expect.

Visit our demo hub to see Catchpoint IPM at work, or read our blogs on Catchpoint Tracing and Internet Sonar to learn more.

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