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Catchpoint In the News – September 2021: The Importance of DEM in a Post-Pandemic World

Read about media coverage of Catchpoint across September.

In the News: September 2021

For September, media coverage of Catchpoint and our work covered everything from the accelerating importance of digital experience monitoring (DEM) in an online world to some important roadblocks impeding the productivity of site reliability engineers (SREs).

The Channel Report sat down with Catchpoint CEO Mehdi to discuss the direct link between a powerful DEM and observability ecosystem and improved communication and collaboration. As Mehdi explains, “This starts with a direct, maniacal focus on ‘What is the Digital Experience?’ – which is an interaction between a client (be them human or robot) and an organization that is possible only because of digital technologies.”

This year’s SRE Report, put together by Catchpoint in collaboration with VMWare Tanzu and DevOps Institute, received further attention in Forbes, in an article that cited report findings highlighting key challenges impeding SRE productivity.

Finally, Catchpoint was featured as a top solution in several notable technology lists and roundups.

Five Steps to Reduce SRE Toil and Add More Value

September 20, 2021 | FORBES

Aater Suleman, Vice President of Cloud Transformation at NTT DATA, outlined five steps to fix the persistent problem of SRE toil, which can block SREs from tackling projects with a bigger business upside.

However, as Suleman notes, “According to a recent Catchpoint 2021 SRE Report, few organizations effectively measure how SRE time is spent. Indeed, only 22% of surveyed organizations report measuring toil in any systematic way — even though toil is the leading activity that prevents SREs from focusing on activities that add business value.”

Read article.

Q&A with Mehdi Daoudi, CEO & Co-founder of Catchpoint

September 17, 2021 | CHANNEL REPORT

Media 7 sat down with Catchpoint CEO Mehdi Daoudi to talk about the vital role that digital experience monitoring plays in a world that increasingly works and plays online.

As Daoudi pointed out, the events of 2020 only added rocket fuel to an already-rapid global digital transformation, as we switched to virtual experiences for everything from doctor’s visits to school, work, and shopping.

“These new normals placed front and center the need to re-think monitoring and observability strategies to now be as distributed as the users who digitally interact,” he noted. “Sure, there is a daily operational need that needs to be dealt with. But to truly mitigate transformational risk – and stay in business digital experience monitoring is required for healthy IT teams and digital businesses to stay relevant.”

Read interview.

The Zero Trust Platform Built for Speed

September 16, 2021 | CLOUDFLARE BLOG

In honor of Speed Week, CDN provider Cloudflare blogged about how to build a zero-trust platform that doesn’t slow teams down. When it comes to accelerating connections to applications using a filtered Internet connection vs. an unfiltered one, Cloudflare leveraged Catchpoint technology to measure and compare zero trust round trip times from several international locations.

Read the blog post.

The Best Network Performance Testing Tools to Consider


Look for Catchpoint on an extensively researched list of top network performance testing tools compiled by the editors of Network Monitoring Solutions Review.

Read article.

Top 10 Digital Experience Monitoring Software Options

September 13, 2021 | Enterprise Management 360

The tech experts at Enterprise Management 360 pulled together a list of the top ten DEM options for companies that want to deliver flawless customer experience in a competitive digital landscape. Catchpoint is highlighted as “a comprehensive DEM solution.”

Read article.

Incident Review — What Was Behind the September 7 Spectrum Outage: A Case of Dr. BGP Hijack or Mr. BGP Mistake?

September 10, 2021 | DZONE

DZone published an extensive Catchpoint incident review, first published on our blog. The authors, Alessandro Improta and Luca Sani, our resident BGP experts, investigated an outage that hit Spectrum cable customers across several midwestern U.S. states, including Ohio, Wisconsin, and Kentucky. The likely culprit: A BGP route hijack.

Read article.

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