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Catchpoint In the News – December 2021: The One Where We Predict Things

December was rocked by AWS’s unprecedented three outages in three weeks. Catchpoint was there with incident reviews that dove into the details and commercial impact of all three incidents.

December was rocked by AWS’s unprecedented three outages in three weeks. Catchpoint was there with incident reviews that dove into the details and commercial impact of all three incidents. At the same time, we were newsmakers and prognosticators, with a string of forward-looking insights on trends in observability and digital experience monitoring.

101 Top New York City Internet Companies and Startups of 2021

December 17, 2021 | BEST STARTUP

Catchpoint appeared on Best Startup’s compilation of 2021’s top startups and Internet companies. Companies were chosen based on exceptional performance in innovation, management, growth, or societal impact.

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Top Networking Trends and Developments 2022

December 14, 2021 | DATAMATION

Datamation’s forecast of the big changes coming to networking next year start with a nod to the present: the continued worldwide reliance on remote work, which has revealed the shortcomings of consumer-grade networking technology. Drit Suljoti, co-founder and Chief Product and Technology Officer of Catchpoint, explained the problem — and why we can expect a shift to an enterprise network strategy to support users working in their individual homes.

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2022 Application Performance Management Predictions - Part 1

December 7, 2021 | APM DIGEST

APM Digest's annual seven-part list of Application Performance Management (APM) predictions covers far more than APM technology, but part one kicked off with a focus on APM itself. Leo Leo Vasiliou, director of product marketing at Catchpoint, weighed in with a prediction that APM has no reach—and how it should evolve.

He notes,

“It might be a scary thought, but APM approaches must consider larger, holistic, reachability-based touchpoints. This needs to encompass everything from local dev environments to extensions on users' laptops — because they all are a part of today's overall digital experience ecosystem.”

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2022 Application Performance Management Predictions - Part 2

December 8, 2021 | APM DIGEST

Part two of APM Digest’s 2022 predictions focused on how AIOps and related technologies will evolve and impact business in 2022. Vasiliou looked at why AIOps as currently constituted is in for an overhaul. His prediction:

“A repackaged set of capabilities (sans "self-heal") that usefully focus on actionability and the addition of active, observational data sources (e.g., business KPI and competitive intelligence benchmarking) will emerge as AIOps next gen.”

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Catchpoint 2022 Predictions: Total Experience Orchestration

December 8, 2021 | VMBLOG

CIOs and their ops teams pulled miracles out of their hats when it came to supporting the sudden shift to remote work of the past two years. The problem is, that infrastructure wasn’t built for the future, and our ongoing love affair with online life is going nowhere. Indeed, the consumer or employees' total experience is vital to the success of many companies. That’s why Catchpoint Chief Strategy Officer Steve Campbell touted the importance of Total Experience Orchestration on VM Blog. Campbell posits that total experience is so important that it needs to be built into our development process. He predicts,

“The CI/CD Pipeline will expand and include declarative models for user experience that determine deployment to new markets, elastic scale of the application, and what will come to be known as the...wait for it, Total Experience.”

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Website Outages, Slowdowns Hit Dozens of Retailers During Cyber 5

December 6, 2021 | Digital Commerce 360

It was a rocky holiday season for online shopping, as consumers coped with multiple outages that affected major portions of online life. In an article analyzing website crashes on Cyber 5, Digital Commerce 360 cited Catchpoint data regarding a major outage at Home Depot.

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