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Catchpoint December 2011 Release

Learn more about the new version of Catchpoint and which new features and enhancements it has.

The holidays are almost here and we could not have closed 2011 without one more stocking stuffer for our end users. Last night we rolled out the December release, the last release for 2011, which was packed with features.

Our engineering team completed work on more than 100 user stories and defects. Here are some of the key feature highlights:

**IP Charting:

**Today almost every company is running their applications on scalable and distributed environments, relying on multiple datacenters or farms, each with different IP addresses. Therefore the ability to view performance by the IP address that served the request is very important. Now Catchpoint allows you to **analyze the performance data by individual IP addresses over time**. The feature will provide with the ability to compare performance across datacenters, pops, or hosts.

Example: Performance of 2 IP addresses

Application Performance by IP Address

Example: Performance Distribution by City to IP addresses

Application Performance Distribution by City and IP addresses

**Zone Charting:

**In the November release we introduced the Zone Charting feature which allows companies to track performance of specific groups of content, like third party providers of adserving, widgets, etc. Based on user feedback we are releasing several enhancements to it:

Zone Alerts: the ability to add alerts on a Zone based on any of the metrics we collect.

Waterfall Zone Filtering and Zone Column:  the ability to see Zone data in the Waterfall for every Web based test run. User will be able to see for every request the zones the request matched against and the ability to filter by zone.

Waterfall Chart with Zones of Third Party Vendors

Google Chrome Agent:

We are introducing the following enhancements to our Chrome 15 agent monitor to bring it to parity with our Internet Explorer 8 agent:

• Ability to use Catchpoint Insight to collect data

• Render Start time

• Content match alerts.

• Screenshots.

• Filmstrips.

Alert Enhancements:

Scatterplot Chart: All Alerts emails will now include a 60 minute scatterplot chart for the metric triggering the alert. The chart will provide a visual representation of the state of the test and the gravity of the alert.

Alert on the Number of Specific Types of Requests: As webpages get more complicated and more individuals have access to what content goes in the page, it becomes important to ensure that the page does not get bloated with JavaScript, Flash, Iframes, etc. The new alerts will provide the ability to alert if # requests for specific content type is above allowed limit. Types of requests include: HTML, Scripts, CSS, Flash, Media, Images, XML, Other.

We have already started work on new & exciting features for 2012. Stay tuned!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from the Catchpoint team!

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