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Welcome COO Bob Ranaldi

Welcome one of Catchpoint's newest additions, COO Bob Ranaldi!

As Catchpoint’s growth accelerates and our international footprint continues to expand, we’re excited to announce the appointment of our first COO, Bob Ranaldi. Bob will lead global sales and operations, including the client services organization, focused on strengthening relationships and building scalable processes and teams to deliver consistently exceptional customer experiences as Catchpoint grows. His initial priorities include developing systematic training and onboarding programs to help drive immediate and ongoing value for Catchpoint clients across industries and geographies.

Bob joins Catchpoint from PTC (NASDAQ: PTC) where he led a highly successful global sales and service organization of more than 1,200 people. During his 18-year tenure Bob oversaw a period of rapid international expansion and revenue growth as PTC doubled its valuation. The opportunity to take a great, young company to new heights played a key role in his decision to come to Catchpoint. “I was immediately impressed with Catchpoint’s customer-centric culture, compelling technology, and impressive customer base. I am confident my experience will help build and sustain a productive, powerful sales engine resulting in significant company growth,” he said.

Announcing Bob’s appointment, CEO and Co-founder Mehdi Daoudi echoed that confidence saying, “Bob knows what it takes to rally a sales team, instill a winning attitude, and generate strong revenue results over the long term. With Bob on board, we are excited to see our business grow and evolve to the next level.”

Bob will be based in Catchpoint’s Boston offices. For the official news release on his appointment, please click here.

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